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Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor in New York City. She’s also a proud mom to her son Timothy, a contributing editor at Health, and has appeared frequently on television: Today Show, Good Morning America, Early Show, CNN, Fox News, among other programs. Whether working privately, watching her DVD in the comfort of your home, or working out in one of her classes, she will help you get in shape and have fun while doing it. Kristin aims to make her programs fun and accessible to all… beginner yogis included!

“Kristin has been a vital force in my yoga for years.”
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Easing into Plant-Based Eating: Tips for Shifting Your Diet without Feeling Stressed or Deprived

Most diets fail, as research shows, due to the rigid rules people impose upon themselves. Vowing to never eat a favorite “forbidden” food again fuels feelings of deprivation. Too often when dieters surrender to temptation, the guilt drives them to go on a binge eating spree and, eventually, just give up. The good news is … Continued

Gluten…Friend or Foe?

Everyone wants to be gluten free these days! But, would you really be better off without it? So … What is gluten? What does it do? Is it a friend or an enemy? What are the symptoms of intolerance? What can you do? What Is Gluten? Put simply, 2 proteins, called Glutenin and Gliadin, are … Continued