Zenscape Yoga and Arts Festival

I love the summer time and being able to be outside with the boys. I love taking walks on the beach and going in the water. One of the best things about the summer time is beach yoga. I love having the sun in my hair and when I do yoga outside I feel so connected to the earth and it makes me happy and makes my practice that much better.

Teaching people yoga has always been a passion of mine, connecting with friends on another level. I love when I teach and I am able to move a group of people and get them to be able to do poses they could never of dreamed of.


I truly love teaching, every time I lead a group of students, I learn something new. The beautiful thing about a yoga class, is it’s intimate and immediate; like live theater (thus the yoga training in my acting classes way back when). I always have a class plan; but in the moment I may vary it a bit depending on the vibe in the room or level of the class.

The feeling of community and support is one of my favorite things too. I’m very thankful every day that I get to do something I love so much and that keeps me challenged and inspired.


My very first teacher training in 1997, we focused a lot on assisting and proper adjustments. We practiced on each other & over the years, I’ve had the benefit of working on thousands of bodies. The healing power of touch is so important. My grandma on my mom’s side was a reflexologist in the 50’s (way ahead of her time) and I think I inherited her strong hands.  My kids love snuggles and hugs and it’s so good for the soul. It might feel uncomfortable at first; but seriously see if you can give more hugs to everyone in your life. Touching boosts endorphins for everyone!


I am so excited to tell you all that I will be teaching a yoga festival on August 18th in Calverton New York (The Hamptons) called ZenscapeZenscape Festival is a collective effort designed to help you wander through landscapes not often traveled. Immerse yourself in a full day of exploration, new experiences and friends. Enjoy a wide array of workshops in a creative community. Fuel yourself with healthy food for both body and soul. There will be lots of yoga, Music, Arts, Health, Healing, Knowledge, Empowerment.  Something for everyone to discover and cultivate through varied experiences throughout the day. All ages and all backgrounds are welcome. The intention is that you’ll find many people and activities that will help you feel moved, touched and inspired.

I will be leading Unity Yoga from 12-2 where we will move to the beat and learn some meditation and just have a great time.


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