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This holiday season, get kids off their electronics and onto the carpet! YUMMY YOGA is a new book by best-selling author and nutritionist, Joy Bauer. It is a creative blend of whimsy (edible little people!), easy yoga poses, and kid-friendly nutrition.

The book has been featured on the NBC Today Show, Woman’s Day, Savory Magazine, and others.

Yummy Yoga encourages kids to imitate the little yogis who are working hard to balance on their little legs while holding up their avocado torsos! They do this, while all in good style! How about juicy cat stretch, lifting your grapefruit spine to the sky?

To see a quick video check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGa9mwNuNOg

These beginner poses are simple yet just challenging enough for little ones to try! A bonus is that the yummy recipes make them want to learn about good food choices. Colorful yogis, healthy foods and easy yoga tips make this new book one of Amazon’s BEST BOOK PICKS of 2019! You can check the book out (and their adorable edible yoga card game) at yummyYoga.com

Amazon review:

“A wildly imaginative introduction to yoga and nutrition by bestselling author, professional nutritionist, and beloved TV personality Joy Bauer. Written by beloved health expert Joy Bauer, Yummy Yoga is a fun and fresh introduction to yoga and nutrition. Playful photographs feature a diverse group of kids demonstrating yoga poses. On the opposite sides of the spreads, imaginatively sculpted fruits and vegetables mirror the same poses! Lift the gatefold flaps to find simple, child-friendly recipes incorporating all of the healthy ingredients featured in each photo.” www.yummyYoga.com

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