“You say it’s your Birthday!”

“You say it’s your Birthday!”

“It’s my birthday too, yeah! They say it’s your birthday We’re gonna have a good time….”

I always have this tune playing in my head on my Birthday! I even put it on a playlist one year when I did a yoga birthday party for Tina Fey’s 40th. I just think it’s so upbeat and it reminds me to PARTY!

I think Birthdays are so special. I always had such awesome fun birthday’s growing up as a child. My older brother and I are born the exact same day 3 years apart, so often we’d do cool things together. My dad made the most magnificent cakes (any design we wanted) and my mom totally went overboard (and still does!) with presents and magical moments.

I think we should all really celebrate the day we were born and remind ourselves we are each unique, wonderful beings. I also wish we’d celebrate ourselves this way EVERY DAY, not just once a year. It can be hard to wake up and fully embrace ourselves with love and compassion; but I am going to make sure I start to do this each and every day of my life.

The more we recognize just how amazing our own Self is, the easier we can recognize it in others.

I have an incredible Virgo friend, Christina Bartel, who just celebrated her birthday 2 days before mine. Here is a photo of hers and her sentiments on birthdays–her energy is so contagious, even across emails it made me SO happy.

“The photo means the world to me, because it reminds me of the smell of birthday candles, roses, and buttercream, and how those smells for me signify that it has been a beautiful day with flowers, laughter, love, peace, joy, and many blessings. The blessing of a new year, the blessing of my birth, my life, my family, my friends. The blessings of sky and clouds; green grass and colorful flowers. I love birthdays!”

Christina’s work as a photographer is to die for as well. Her pictures capture her amazing spirit and love of life. Pictured here is her favorite vegan coconut cake from Kim and Jakes cakes. I LOVE coconut and I am going to experiment with making myself a coconut cake this weekend. Christina sent me a great Martha Stewart recipe for coconut cupcakes and a trick for making them vegan–I’ll make sure to share with you next post.

Off to do a little Birthday Yoga practice celebration for myself!

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