YogaGlo Mat Pilates Program!!!

Early this year, I had the awesome opportunity to go to Santa Monica and film some Pilates content for YogaGlo. I had the best experience and loved working with the company. I haven’t shot Pilates content in quite a while and I’m super excited to share this course with:

  • Yogis looking to diversify their practice with different patterns of movement
  • Anyone looking to strengthen their core
  • New moms looking to gain back strength


My Experience with Pilates

I know personally Pilates has been key in helping me gain strength in my core. After having the twins, I really felt frustrated. I developed diastasis (split in the rectus abdominal muscles common during pregnancy); and felt I may never have control again over my abdominal region.

Deep breathing and focused Pilates work helped my regain sensation in my abs and gain stability in my core region. It is so important to learn how to engage your deep core muscles, the transvervus abdominals. The transversus is like an inner girdle that supports our spine, protects our back and helps moms like myself heal their diastasis.

After certifying to teach yoga in the early 90’s, I started teaching at many gyms in Manhattan. I was often asked to sub Pilates classes and thus decided I needed to get my Pilates certification as well. Many yogis are skeptical of Pilates or uncertain about practicing both disciplines.

I think the two workouts are very complementary. Having a strong core helps to get in to tricky arm balances and hold standing postures. Yoga flexibility helps access your deep core easier. I hope more yogis check out my Pilates program if they are new to it.


This Pilates Mat Program 101 will  go over all the essentials of mat pilates while getting a truly effective, total-body workout. You may notice that you are standing a little straighter, feeling more energized and leading from your core in all you do. You can continue to repeat this program to keep getting stronger.

You’ll lengthen and tone your muscles using precise, controlled movements, and learn to tap into your body’s personal power source. While the program starts slowly, so you can master the proper technique, be prepared for the challenge to accelerate throughout the first week. I hope you join me!!!

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