Yoga Poses After a Long Flight

If your summer travel plans include long flights, you’ll be happy to have some yoga poses to do once you reach your destination. Try and get up and move around as much as possible when you’re in the air. Also bring a water bottle (I love S’well) and ask the flight attendant’s to keep it full for you. In addition to lots of water, have healthy snacks on hand such as raw almonds, baby carrots, string cheese, apples and pears. No matter how well you do on the flight, it’s still impossible not to feel stiff and dehydrated.

Here’s some great yoga poses you can do post flight to rejuvenate you and work out all of the kinks.

Kneeling Twst with Quad Stretch jpg Kneeling Twist with Quad Stretch:

I LOVE this posture! The twist will help with sluggish digestion and hydrate the kidney region. The quad stretch will open up tight hip flexors from sitting for long periods; and the back bend in the upper body opens up the lungs and helps rejuvenate you.

Start in a lunge and lower your back knee to the floor in to a crescent lunge. Twist towards the bent knee placing your opposite hand inside the front foot. Reach around behind you and catch your back foot to stretch out the front of the thigh.

Lizard Lizard Lunge:

Come in to a long lunge and you lower your forearms inside your front knee. If your hips and hamstrings are super tight, you can lower your forearms on to a block or pillows from your hotel room.

Lizard will stretch out your lower back, hips, thighs and waist. It also helps relieve tension in the head, neck and shoulders.

Airplane pose Airplane Pose:

Start in a long lunge, lower your torso and thread your arm under the lunging leg and the opposite arm out to the side like airplane wings.

Appropriately named pose for after a long flight, you can stretch out your lower back, arms, hips, waist, shoulders and legs. It’s also a great way to celebrate arriving at your destination!

Make sure to repeat the sequence on the opposite side and hold each stretch for at least 5 to 8 breaths. 







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