Yoga Moves to do if You’re Sore from a Workout

TRX PUSH UPS PRENATAL We’ve all been there, done that—pushed too hard at the gym or went to crazy with the cardio. Maybe you’ve been overdoing it for bikini season! I’m still working out with my bump, and I often feel sore the next day in new places due to all the changes in my body. It’s no fun to live with sore muscles; but it’s also not a good idea to just lie on the couch the day after an intense workout. Your body needs to get rid of the lactic acid in the muscles; and yoga is the perfect way to recover.

Kneeling Twst with Quad Stretch jpg Kneeling Lunge Twist with Quad Stretch—I often feel tight in my quads the day after an intense workout. This move will stretch out your hip flexors, quads and open up your chest and stretch your sore arms. Start in a lunge and lower your back knee to the floor. Twist towards the bent knee, placing your opposite hand inside the front foot. Reach around behind you and catch your back foot to stretch out the front of the thigh. Hold and breathe for 5-8 breaths.

Revolved Triangle Revolved Triangle—From your kneeling lunge, lower your hands to your front foot as you tuck under your back toes and lift the back leg up off the floor. Hop your back foot in a bit closer and anchor the outer heel to the floor angling the toes forward about 45 degrees. Straighten the front leg completely and place your opposite hand outside the front foot as you twist and open your top arm to the ceiling. Revolved Triangle will open up the back, waist, arms and shoulders, as it stretches the hips, hamstrings and IT band.  Hold 5 to 8 breaths then lower your hands back to your front foot.

Downward Facing Dog Downward Facing Dog—Placing both hands along side the front foot, bend your front knee and step back to downward facing dog.  Make sure you’re lifting your hips high and lengthening the sides of the waist. Press firmly in to your hands and engage your upper arms rolling the inner elbows towards the ceiling. Keep using your legs to bring your torso back in space and stretch your hamstrings, Achilles tendons, calves and lower back. Hold 8-10 breaths.

Repeat the sequence by stepping your opposite foot forward and performing the kneeling quad stretch and revolved triangle before coming back to downward facing dog again. I highly recommend after doing these poses, soaking in a warm epsom salt bath for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, towel dry and apply arnica gel to really sore areas or an energizing moisturizing cream on your legs and arms.





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