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I love anatomy and I think it’s fascinating to truly understand how our body works. One of the best things about developing and having a yoga practice is how it connects us with our physical body. I remember when I started practicing yoga, even though I had been active my whole life, I start to discover my body in a whole new way. My muscles were opening up and it was a sort of re-discovering of each muscle, how they supported each other, which ones were working in each pose, etc.

The more we learn about the structure and function of our bodies the better we appreciate them. We start taking better care of ourselves and our physical body which affects our mental and emotional self as well. That’s why I love the Yoga for Functional Anatomy software. Yoga Function Anatomy is the first video software that enables you to look under the skin and directly observe the world of anatomy and posture during yoga workouts. With it, you can see how muscles act as they stretch in each position, deepen your understanding of the effects of common postural problems. The software takes you through an interactive look at each muscle of the body, then shows which are the main muscles working, supporting muscles and muscles being stretched in each yoga pose. Below is an example from the software of the Triangle Pose:

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.27.17 PM

Whether you’re an avid practitioner, brand new beginner or someone who wants to teach the Yoga Functional Anatomy software is a really awesome way to get a deeper understanding of how our body works and which muscles we use in our yoga postures. It’s a seriously great and interactive way to not only learn the human body, but also how it relates to yoga! I wish it were around when I was first studying to be a certified yoga teacher 🙂


In the spirit of giving for the Holiday season, the kind people of Yoga Functional Anatomy have offered to give away a free 1-year subscription to their very popular, unique software ($59.95 value)!

yoga-kirstin-mcgee copy

Here’s how you can enter:


You have 2 chances to win! Each of the following counts as 1 entry:


1) Tweet about the contest using the hashtag #YogaFunctionalAnatomy and tagging @kristinmcgee


2) Leave a comment below telling us why you want to learn anatomy OR how learning anatomy has helped you connect to your yoga practice.

The winner will be chosen in one week, so check back next week to see if you’ve won! And keep your eye out for more Holiday giveaways coming this month!

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5 thoughts on “Yoga Functional Anatomy Software Giveaway!”

  • This software would be an amazing tool to have! Understanding the functional anatomy and how all the active muscles work together is such a help in getting deeper into your poses and improving alignment, strength, and balance. Love it!

  • I have had injuries, so taking the time to learn about the anatomy allows me to understand how to strengthen around those areas to get the needed support. Wow talk about a run~on sentence! 🙂

  • enables us to look under the skin and directly observe the world of anatomy and posture during yoga workouts. We can see how muscles act as they stretch in each position.

  • i am kanita thai lady. 65 ys now . would like good health. always exercise yoga , . so i would like to know anatomy ,muscle , how it work when i practice each posture yoga . or if spine is problem yaga anatomy will help it better . Good health is the best. Yoga is my life.

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