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Yoga Foster is a nonprofit that empowers school teachers with yoga for the classroom – using an online training, curriculum and yoga mats. I recently met the founder, Nicole Cardoza, who is one amazing yogi and person. I immediately fell in love with her energy, calm, real, natural, honest, sincere, reliable and fun. Only twenty-five years old, she founded Yoga Foster when she realized after volunteer teaching yoga in schools, just how little physical fitness kids get these days.

YF_classroom_Group_tree_pose I have always felt yoga is the perfect exercise to introduce to children and schools, because it is so doable anywhere and anytime. Even five minutes of chair stretches in the desk before the next subject matter or ten minutes of sun salutations and warrior poses to get the day started is an amazing addition to any classroom and group of students. I’ve volunteered for years teaching in schools; but what makes Nicole’s program unique, is that it targets the teachers.

Through Yoga Foster’s resources, teachers don’t have to wait for their kids to get access to move. The teachers themselves learn to teach kids how to practice short yoga bursts during morning meetings, take a moment to calm down before a test, and stretch between long periods. Teachers get the benefits too – it helps them de-stress, relax, and connect with their students in a different way.

Yoga_Foster_April_3rd_2014_Tear-n_Tan (13) Getting kids moving in schools is something that means the world to me, and I hope you can join me in supporting their cause. A $20 donation brings yoga to one student for the whole school year! Right now – Yoga Foster is halfway to its goal of raising $10,000 to support more schools through their partnership with Let’s Move!

I definitely have sent in money and plan on being a mentor for teachers to learn how to give their students the gift of yoga.

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