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,Valentine’s Day is almost here so it seemed like the perfect time to share some yoga poses for self-love. Whether you’re single, dating,  in a long term relationship or marriage, it’s always important to fall in love with yourself first. Yoga is such an awesome practice for developing unconditional love for yourself. You connect your mind, body and breath and learn to appreciate all parts of yourself. You open your heart physically through back bending postures, which helps open you up emotionally to giving and receiving love. Make sure to take time to appreciate how beautiful it is to move your body to the rhythm of your own inhale and exhale. The closer you get to yourself, the easier it is to get closer to others.

My Favorite Yoga Moves For Self Love

Cat/Cow Pose

Cat/cow offers a variety of benefits that are based around loving your body and yourself, including:

  • Relieves stress
  • Calms the mind
  • Connects the body and breath
  • Opens the heart to self-love and love for others

Camel Pose

Camel pose is a deep heart opening backbend that really emphasizes the openness in the chest and shoulder region. This pose brightens our mood, and opens up our posture. When we present ourself with an open heart, we naturally feel more loving.

  • Opens the heart
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Decreases self-doubt
  • Reduces anxiety and anxious thoughts about yourself
  • Encourages the body and mind to love themselves and others

Upward Facing Dog Pose

Upward dog pose opens up the entire front body; and is a great opportunity to express gratitude and love towards your body. Some benefits of upward dog include:

  • Improves posture, gives you more confidence
  • Can help decrease mild depression and fatigue
  • Opens the chest and the heart to breathe easier
  • Therapeutic for those with anxiety, asthma or who are overly self consciousness

Warrior I Pose

Warrior 1 helps you feel taller, more confident, stronger, bolder and more capable. The warrior poses are all great for strength. Warrior 1 also incorporates a backbend and is wonderful to practice to give yourself a little extra love. Some other benefits of warrior 1 include:

  • Improved focus, balance, and stability
  • Increases energy which helps build self-confidence
  • Ccirculation and respiration in the body increases
  • Increases flexibility and builds motivation to help you accomplish your goals

Yoga can truly help you express some extra love for yourself and others this Valentine’s Day. Add these heart-opening poses to your routine not only this time of year; but whenever you need a little appreciation for your amazing wonderful self!

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