Yoga Basics

Often people will ask when they should start practicing yoga and meditation; and the truth is, anytime is a good time. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t committed to your New Year’s resolutions as strongly as you’d planned. There is always time to get a good practice in with the right tools.

Studies have shown regular meditation can help with anxiety, improve your concentration for years, ease the pain, and boost your cognitive health overall. Yoga + meditation have such great health benefits that practicing will be worth it. Here are some tips to help you with your daily practice.

1. Start With Short Sessions

  • Don’t dive into an hour session right away, work your way into it! This will help you build your practice one step at a time.
  • Consistency is key! Commit to a few times a week to ease yourself in and a few minutes of breath work


2. Schedule In Your Yoga Or Meditation

  • Try to set aside a little block of time at the same time every day to practice yoga + meditation.
  • Use this time to also practice self-care.


3. Strike A Balance

  • Finding a good balance is key whether you practice three times a week or once a week.
  • Work with your schedule and see what works for you in the long run.
  • Practice at a pace that works for you.


4. Get Set Up With Good Gear

  • Investing in yoga equipment can be key when jump-starting a new routine.
  • Use props and a mat to make your routine easier.


5. Begin With A “Gentle” Form Of Yoga

  • Start with an easier flow!
  • Work on stretching and basic postures (We have an awesome YOGA BASICS LIBRARY and Beginner classes on PELOTON click here to subscribe) before you move onto a more advanced flow.


6. Try An Array Of Classes And Styles

  • Switch up your yoga style until you find a class that you love.
  • There are so many different styles and teachers.
  • If you take a class and you don’t like it, go out and find another.


7. Don’t Expect Perfection

  • It can take time to cultivate mindfulness, improve your posture, and to find a practice that works for you personally.


8. Try To Be Less Critical Of Yourself

  • Don’t beat yourself up if your if your routine does not go as planned.
  • Be kind, gentle and compassionate on yourself as you begin a new routine.

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