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I have been practicing and teaching yoga since the early ’90s and I’ve sure seen a lot of trends in yoga attire! I remember when Lululemon first came to market and I had a pair of their original bell bottom style leggings. Things sure have evolved since then, and there are a ton of different brands now creating awesome yoga apparel. Here are some of my favorite styles as of late:

High Waisted Leggings:

High waisted leggings are my favorite trend right now because I can wear them with just about anything! They look amazing with longer sports bras and cropped sweaters. As a mom of 3 boys, I am a bit conscious of my abs so high waisted styles make me feel more confident.

Leggings With Pockets:

I love being able to put my phone in my pocket on the way to or from yoga; and especially when I stay in my leggings and go to the park with my kids. Since I started working for Peloton, I’ve been running quite a bit now. I love their outdoor runs but need my phone and airbuds so leggings with pockets are key. More and more brands are making leggings with built in pockets.

Patterned Leggings:

Patterned leggings are the best! I must have about 30 pairs of them myself. I think that leggings are truly a girl’s best friend but with the added patterns it adds a pop of color to the leggings making them a true statement piece no matter where I am! They are so versatile because I can wear them to yoga and also to lunch with friends! This trend is for everyone of all ages and I am definitely participating. 


All Tied Up Tanks:

Tied up tanks are the reason I embrace yoga on a hot summer day! The tanks are great for not getting as sweaty and letting some cool air from the back. I love how fashionable they are as well.  Allowing for options to tie the back of the top up; or let it flow in the wind, can either have you ready for a yoga class in the park or a mid-day brunch with friends. I absolutely love the versatility of this trend with my on the go lifestyle.

Longline Sportsbras:

When my schedule consists of a run, yoga class, then playing with the boys in the park, I find it difficult to do all these things in the right outfit. Since my life is all about yoga pants and sports bras, I usually need to pack an extra shirt or a change of clothes for midday errands between class. These trending longline sports bras are perfect, I can use them in class then pair them with high waisted leggings for a full on the go look.

Active Jackets:

I absolutely love activewear jackets. Not only are they great to cover up that post-yoga sweat; but help make any outfit look more elevated and stylish. Bomber jackets, fake comfy leather jackets, hoodies and other active jackets are great for my on the go lifestyle – from yoga to pick up the boys at school. This is a workout trend I hope never goes out of style!


Let me know what some of your favorite yoga wear trends are!

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