Women’s Holiday Wishlist: Gift Guide

If you’re still looking for the perfect holiday gift for a mother or female friend, I’ve got you covered. Here are some of my favorite presents to inspire you:

Satya Jewelry

Satya Jewelry helps you connect your mind body and soul in a stylish way. Each collection has meaning; and the pieces express that in a dainty, beautiful way.

One of my favorite Satya collections is the new yoga girl collection. The Heal the Heart Mala piece is perfect for any woman you know that likes practicing mindfulness and meditation.

The mala’s beads are made with cherry quartz which fosters feelings such as hope, clarity, and healing. This prayer necklace is a great piece to add to a meditation or yoga session.  The piece also contains a gleaming gold bead engraved with a moon symbolizing nourishment, protection, and the goddess. The gold moon pendant which anchors the necklace, represents healing, nourishment, and protection. Every piece by Satya is not only delicately beautiful; but has a deep meaning which makes this gift extra special.

The Break Active Accessories

The break active rings are awesome gifts for all the active fitness females in your life. The rings are the most functional accessories for an active lifestyle. You can workout in style without having to worry about sweat ruining your rings or hurting yourself with sharp edges.



One of my personal fave accessories they have are the silicone statement rings, with bold designs and fresh colors; they make the perfect finishing touch to any yoga set.  The rings are water, sweat, and sun-proof so damaging them while you workout is the last of your worries. These rings are a great stalking stuffer idea for the fit mama in your life.

Versed Skincare

Versed  Skincare is the perfect gift for women who love skincare. You can get really quality skincare at a decent price.

Versed Skincare uses all clean ingredients and the products are free from artificial colors, parabens, silicones, talc and much more (you can see here). One of their best sellers is The Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel.  I love the peel and it’s a my secret shortcut to glowing skin. In one step, this peel works overnight to resurface and renew your complexion. The mask’s blend of lactic and glycolic acid (which work together to break down dead skin cells) and vitamin A (one of the most powerful and proven anti-aging ingredients available) exfoliates, brightens, and hydrates; while skin-conditioning allantoin, rosehip, and vitamin E keep your skin calm.

This amongst other Versed products are perfect for any woman (and yourself) this holiday season.


Esscentials By Scent Beauty:

Every woman wants that perfect light natural scent. Esscentials creates natural scents with hints of vanilla, flowers, earth and more. Not only are these light scents beautiful; but they are also good for the environment and one hundred percent organic. With scents like good morning and autumn leaves, to choose from it’ll be tough picking just one. Head to their Instagram or to www.scentbeauty.com to choose your favorite for the holidays. I love the beautiful packaging as well…you won’t need to spend money on gift wrap!


Sunglass Subscription Transparent Sunglasses

I just got a pair of these and they are my favorite! This subscription box with sunglasses delivered right to your door is the perfect gift that never stops giving (literally every month).

When you have different outfits, no matter what the season, you can pair a shades to match all your outfits for all events. I also love keeping a pair in my purse, one pair in the stroller, one in the diaper bag, etc. This way I can have a pair of glasses always handy. I am notorious for losing my sunglasses! So, I don’t feel as bad when I have ones that aren’t expensive if I misplace them. I love how stylish and cute these sunglasses are.  They come in mens and kids as well which is great!

Keep an eye out for their launch soon and check out some of their sunglasses in the meantime on instagram as well as email sales@transparentsunglasses.com. I love supporting small businesses!

State Bags

State bags are perfect for women who are constantly on the go. The bags makes beautiful products! The bags also give back to the community which is a bonus. From totes, specifically designed momma approved bags, fanny packs, and travel bags, State has you covered. Whether it is a basic black backpack or a stylish silver fanny pack, you can choose from a variety of adorable functional bags.

One of my favorites is the Wellington Diaper Bag. This is something I wish I had a few years ago and know all new moms will love it. The bag is designed with a sleek simple style; and still effective for storing everything you need. The diaper bag fits diapers, bottles, and wipes and saves room for clean clothes and the rest of your diaper bag essentials.

These bags are great for any woman at any age and make the perfect Christmas gift for this upcoming holiday season. Check out the silver fanny pack too, it is going to be my go to bag any time I am out with the kids and need my hands free.

SAÏA London Yoga Mat Bags

SAÏA creates the most beautiful yoga mat bags. The bags are born out of a love for fashion and yoga! They are designed by a yoga enthusiast and animal lover! A bonus is that she has  a background in the fashion industry.

Finely crafted in the highest quality vegan leather with a beautiful and feminine design to complement a woman’s outfit, featuring a wide pocket to fit her daily essentials and a carefully constructed mechanism inside to secure your yoga mat. I personally LOVE this mat bag and if you or anyone you know is obsessed with yoga and fashion, this is the perfect gift.

Thousand Fibres Jewelry

Thousand Fibres is a brand deeply rooted in connection; seeking it, inspiring it, expressing it. The jewelry is dainty and so beautiful. The designs are made to be meaningful and unique. Thousand Fibres necklaces and bracelets are truly beautiful. One of my favorites is the Gold True Reflections Necklace which is 3 strands.


This 18ct gold plated necklace is so subtle with just the perfect pop of color. The handcrafted piece will have any woman in your life smiling when she opens this luxurious, one of a kind present! For other items like this check out the Thousand Fibres website to choose a piece for your favorite female friend or relative.

Kit Santa Fe Wild Rags

Kit Santa Fe is a New Mexico–based accessories line brought to the big city. The collection is inspired by cowgirl-equestrian background and life in the Southwest. These bandanas have blown up in North America as a style statement and are such a fun trendy gift this year.


The wild rags are 100% silk and can be worn literally any time, cleaning the house, horseback riding or out in the city. These wild rags have all the boho meets modern feels and are great for women with old souls, love the vintage look and are bandana fanatics. Such an easy gift for your favorite girlfriends.

The 21 Day Get Your Body Back Plan: I developed this plan for mamas to get fit and feel the benefits of being healthy. The plan is also for anyone who wants to get back in shape! I want to help you feel great in your body in a gentle, results-oriented way. The plan includes email support every-day, access to me in a private Facebook Group, healthy, delicious recipe options for every day, and exclusive videos and instructional workouts. You will also get tips to keep you motivated with breath work and meditation practices to help you stay more mindful. You can use KRISTIN25 for 25% off the plan through the New Year.


These are all mama and woman-approved gifts that will be sure to wow anyone this holiday. Hopefully, they inspire you and help you get an amazing gift for the women you love or yourself. Happy holiday gift hunting!

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