Women Who Rock Event

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Women Who Rock event at the Redbury Hotel in NYC. The theme of the event was female empowerment in the shoe industry. The night featured Debra Messing, Susanne Botschen and Chloe Gosselin.  We listened to panels which discussed topics including women supporting other women, launching a new brand, and product development.

Debra Messing and Faryl Robin Morse spoke about the importance of women saying no and just plain being “nicer” to each other.

Finding your niche and where you excel takes time says Gosselin. Finding your niche and sticking to it, can be a big challenge as a female entrepreneur.

Bluescape Technology

One of the sponsors of the event was Bluescape, they are behind collaboration technology that is empowering women at work; and giving everyone a voice. Bluescape is an approach to working digitally that brings your content together; in a way that we haven’t seen before. It’s a visually rich environment that’s easy to use, to create content, share, and collaborate.

The CEO of Bluescape Peter  Jackson always says Technology, in general can have a democratizing effect. It enables people’s voices to be heard and their value recognized. Without the filter of gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Technology  can level the playing field.

Bluescape can be used for product development, program and campaign management, customer engagement, artifical intelligence, situational awareness, supply chain collaboration, and brand management.

My Expereince

I had an amazing time at the event and had no idea about Bluescape but I really love what they are doing. They are empowering a whole generation and making things easier for brand and entrepreneurs. I think bluescape technology is really cutting edge and can help companies make huge creative changes.

I learned a lot about female entrepreneurs in the shoe industry and how the industry is ever changing. Women in footwear industry really support each other and it’s so great to see women empowering each other as well! Great shoes can take you great places and seeing the founders speak from big companies made me love the brands even more.

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