Why Moms Should Practice Yoga?

If you’re a mom who often feels stressed out, sickly, and lacking vigor. It would be good for you to consider practicing yoga for a change. It may give your life the necessary balance for achieving holistic living. But what is yoga then? Well, yoga is a complicated thing! Some moms engage in yoga to discipline their minds. Some also use it to control their breathing and body. While some do yoga exercises to raise their consciousness to a higher level. You can engage in yoga, however, as a mindfulness technique to destress yourself and free your mind from anxieties.

More Schools are Turning to Yoga

The practice of yoga has been spreading across the U.S. and around the world since the last century. In Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in West Baltimore, for example, students who act out in class are sent to the “Mindful Moment Room” instead of the principal’s office. The school principal says it’s effective. Similarly, teachers in Minnesota are learning mindfulness to enable them to have a tool to reduce distractions in their classrooms. Schools are quickly finding yoga an effective way to reduce deviant behavior on their campuses, moms can also experiment with yoga.

Yoga for a Holistically Balanced Life

Being a mom can be a very stressful predicament, especially, if you are a single mom or if you have fast-growing kids. Despite the stress and problems, you are often required to be on top of every situation. Yoga can come in handy if you want to achieve mental health and balance in your life. You can find in it a tool that can help you destress when you feel stressed-out and to relax when you feel anxious. Similarly, it can help you maintain bodily balance because it teaches you to breathe properly. According to yoga experts, the more you are in control of your breathing, the less sickly you become, and the longer your life would be.

Ideas from a Great Yogi

One of my favorite books is Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, and one quote from that book I truly like most goes like this: “Medicines have limitations…if you believe…you shall be well and strong…”. To Yogananda, bodily sickness are only indicative of emotional and mental imbalance. Hence, if you heal the mind, the body is also healed. Moreover, he pointed out that longevity is closely related to the way you breathe. He gave an example of the restless monkey that only lives up to 25 years because it breathes 32 times a minute on average. On the other hand, animals like the tortoise, whales, and elephants, according to him, live up to 150 years because they know how to regulate their breathing. In fact, they only breathe 4 times per minute on average.

Yoga and Chiropractic

There are other alternative practices that are related to the practice of yoga. Chiropractic, for example, is premised on the idea that bodily maladies are caused by subluxation, or inner imbalance or dislocation. If your doctor could not detect the reason behind your lingering back pain, for example, you can have an emergency chiropractor visit to rid yourself of your back pain, and chiropractic may be very effective. Both Yoga and Chiropractic believe that the body is lined with meridians wherein the universal energy (Chi) flows. Any blockage in the flow of the Chi can cause bodily maladies.

There are deeper metaphysical explanations as to the intricate relationships between the body and mind, but as a mom you definitely don’t need to learn them all — you simply need to know that you can get many benefits from the regular practice of yoga.  


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