What’s In My Gym Bag?

IMG_2226 What’s in My C9 by Champion Gym Bag you may ask, well here are just a few things I can name and recommend as a good idea to keep on hand:

übr water–First and foremost it is so important to stay hydrated during a workout, so I always make sure to have a bottle of übr water on hand.

Barlean’s Joint Remedy–This is a life saver for the joints and I’ve noticed my skin looks amazing ever since I’ve started taking 2 teaspoons of Barlean’s Joint Remedy every day. I love the taste and the fact it’s sugar free. I love all of Barlean’s products and now this is also one of my must have’s!

Topricin–Along the lines of keeping the joints supple and pain free, I love to have some topricin cream to rub on anything achy after a workout or before I do a yoga session. I also love that I can use topricin on Timothy’s bruises or boo boo’s.

C9 by Champion Hair Bands–I always keep a few fun brightly colored hair bands handy so I can pull back my hair in an instant. I love C9’s styles, colors and you can’t beat the pricing. The material is great, it doesn’t pull on my hair and I can also use the smaller ones as pony tail and bun holders when I wrap them around a few times.

Goodwipes–SO handy to have a little wipe I can use to clean under my armpits and anywhere else that’s a little sweaty after a workout if I don’t have time to shower. I also love these in a pinch in the am if I’m too busy with Timothy and have to get out the door to teach. I can always come home later and shower when he’s napping.

Phone Soap–By far our phones are the dirtiest, germiest things we use daily. I feel like I need to especially wipe mine down and keep it clean after a sweat session if I’ve been using it or I’m going to hold it up to my cheek.

Hair Warrior–This stuff is so cool and awesome for someone like me with long hair. I apply it before my workout and it keeps my hair strong, silky and protected.

Ice Chips–I am trying to kick my gum habit; and yet I love the boost of energy peppermint gives me before a grueling cardio session. I was psyched to discover peppermint ice chips which are sweetened with xylitol, good for my teeth and I love the zingy taste and refreshing pick me up. Peppermint is said to be an ergogenic aid.

DNAEGF Renewal Sunscreen–I am a stickler for keeping sunscreen on my face year round (thanks to my mom’s advice!). I recently discovered Dr. Moy’s DNA renewal sheer defense sunscreen with an SPF of 50+, it has a nice medium tint and it’s sheer enough to reapply after my workouts. People often forget to reapply sunscreen throughout the day and this sleekly designed tube is perfect for a gym bag or purse (especially since it’s hard to stand up in a medicine cabinet).

Calsura–I first discovered Calsura when I taught at Health Magazine’s Fit Foodie event last Fall. I’ve always had a propensity towards low bone density and I think it’s so important to do weight bearing activities as well as take a good calcium supplement daily. I love the taste and variety of flavors of Calsura as well as the fact it’s soluble and better absorbed by the body.

nothin’ but–Of course I always need a pre or post workout snack and the perfect time for a good healthy treat is when I know I’m going to burn off the calories. Nothin’ but granola cookies are delicious and they come in perfect portioned sizes. Only using simple ingredients, I feel happy and healthy when I indulge in these tasty morsels. I also like that Timothy loves them as well and I never know when I will be stuck out with him and in need of a snack for the both of us.



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