What Cycling Does to Your Body- 4 Benefits that Will Surprise You

In order to be physically fit and healthy, it is important for you to be more active. While most of us don’t get the time to workout or are intimidated by the many big machines in the gym, it seems as if there aren’t enough options out there. However, that’s not entirely true. In fact, the most common way of working out, which happens to be a popular mode of commute for many is Bicycling!

Cycling is the perfect low-intensity cardio that anyone can ask for. It engages your core muscles, your legs, your balance, all while your whole body is in motion. It has no age restrictions to it and anyone can reap the benefit out of it. Be it transport or recreation or even sport, here is how cycling rewards your body as you stroll around the block:

Increase in Muscle Strength and Endurance

Bicycling activates most muscles of the body such as the hamstrings, glutes, calf, abdomen, arm and back muscles, therefore as you pedal along, all of your muscles in a state of workout. So the more you cycle, the more your muscles grow. However, all this does not give you results like the ones you get with heavy lifting.

An independent study conducted by Nathan at MyBikeXL revealed that cycling on areas with slopes and elevation, such as the hills, is a game changer, for it involves more paddling, that in return builds muscle strength. Unlike other forms of exercises, this course of action won’t excessively grow your muscle size, therefore it is the best form of workout for people that believe in staying lean and strong.”

A Better Cardio-Vascular Health

Cycling is often equated to aerobic workouts in theory, as they both usually cause the same changes in the body- change in heart rate, deeper breaths and sweating. Cycling elevates your heart rate and makes it work a little harder, which is necessary for a good health. The more your heart works, the more blood it pumps and the more benefit your whole body gets. Several experts seem to agree on the positive impact which include increased chances of weight loss, lower blood pressure, balanced cholesterol and insulin levels and more.

Better Memory and Brain Power

Because cycling involves deeper breaths and a high-pace heart beat, this equips the brain with an increased amount of blood flow and oxygen. This boost fires up the neurons as a result of which your brain power and memory increases. Studies have suggested that cycling doesn’t just provide increased brain power, but it also helps new brain cells to develop which do not just positively impact the different cognitive abilities of the brain, but it also helps fight diseases and illness like depression and Alzheimer’s. So, the next time you feel blue or disoriented, might as well paddle it out and be happy for sure!

A Better, Younger, Healthier you

This claim is true! Cycling won’t just make you healthy, but it will make you more energetic, younger and happier. From losing weight, to a abundant supply of feel-good hormones, to sleeping better and long and even a better sex drive, cycling is sure to benefit you hard and large, in all areas. Researchers have claimed and proved in various studies that people who cycle 3-5 times a week can witness the changes instantly and are generally healthier and happier than the lazy couch potatoes.

And while all of these benefits seem to impact you, this eco-friendly workout is an environment’s favorite too! So the next time your fitness instincts hit and you can’t seem to decide from where to start- pick cycling for sure!

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