Gift Guide: Wellness Edition

It’s not uncommon for the wellness-focused people in your life to already have everything they need, so shopping for them can be challenging. The trick is to get them something they don’t know they need. The perfect holiday gifts add a little something more to their healthy lifestyles! I’ve created a guide of my favorite wellness products to help:

Get A Grip Yoga Spray

This spray is perfect for all the yogis in your life! It’s not necessary for yoga, but it definitely makes things easier. During sweatier yoga sessions  (I’m looking at you, hot yoga), it’s easy to find oneself slipping and sliding all over the mat. This spray is the answer. Spritz it on your hands and feet to give yourself a better grip. The eucalyptus and peppermint scent is invigorating and motivating, just like the practice of yoga!

Dry Farm Wine Subscription

A subscription to Dry Farm Wine is the gift that keeps on giving! All of their wines are organically grown, lab tested, and completely free of sugar and additives. You can definitely taste the amazing quality in every sip. This is a great gift for any and all wine lovers. Subscriptions are customizable, just pick the type of wine they’d like, how many bottles, and how often they should receive their shipment.

Peloton Subscription

A peloton subscription is another amazing gift. If you can splurge for the bike, awesome! However, you definitely don’t need to gift a bike in order for fitness lovers to get the most out of their peloton subscription. For only $12.99 a month, this gift gives access to a TON of different workouts, from yoga to strength training and more! Bonus: new users can get two months free!

Aera Mini Diffuser

I love my Aera Diffuser, so I was excited when the mini came out. It’s the perfect size for small to medium size rooms – think bathrooms and laundry rooms. Just like the full size, this diffuser deposits the perfect amount of fragrance into a room, without being overpowering. With an app that lets you customize your experience, Aera is a great gift for anyone! The mini size is ideal for those who are just getting into the diffusing game.

Celliant Performance Sheet Set 

These FDA-determined sheets are THE gift to give to your sleep-obsessed friends and family. They’re ideal for a wellness lifestyle because they provide physical benefits while also looking amazing on the bed. These mineral-infused sheets convert your body’s heat into inferred energy and then send it back to you. This can increase blood flow, speed recovery, and promote sleep better. When you gift these sheets, you are gifting a better night’s rest and all the benefits that come with it.

Any of these items or subscriptions would make for great gifts this holiday season. Your wellness friends will thank you for finding the products that fit seamlessly into their lives. Happy shopping!

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