Week’s Worth of Workouts! Saturday: Arms

Saturday: Arms

I love these arm exercises, you don’t need a single weight. Concentrate, keep your core strong, and arms engaged the entire time-you’ll definitely feel the burn!

Boxing 2 Boxing — Start standing with your body bent forward in a 45-degree angle and your feet hip-width apart. Lift your elbows up to your shoulders and keep your hands in fists (Fig.1a). Next, punch one hand forward as the other arm punches back, keeping elbows high as you come back to center, then switch arms. Continue switching for 16 reps (Fig.1b).

The Bug The Bug — While standing, bend your body forward in a 90-degree angle. Open your arms like a scarecrow and squeeze your shoulder blades tight, then extend your arms toward the floor with your elbows extended, and finally bend them back to the scarecrow position. Repeat 16 times (Fig.2).

Wings of a Bird Wings of a Bird — Standing and bending at that same 90-degree angle, open your arms wide to your sides. Extend your arms and squeeze the back of the arms and shoulders, holding for a second before lowering the arms back below you so the fingers touch, then lift back up. Repeat 16 times (Fig.3).

Repeat the sequence one or two more times.

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