Week’s Worth of Workouts! Friday: Abs

Friday: Abs

This is another one of those routines you can do anytime and anywhere. Make sure you keep your lower abdominals engaged and pelvic floor contracted with all of these moves. You can also do these while watching TV or waiting for your chicken to bake!

Double leg straight leg lift Double Leg Straight Leg Lift — Lie on your back with your legs straight up, heels together, and toes slightly turned out while squeezing the upper inner thighs. With your hands behind your head, lift your neck up off the floor, elbows wide. Keep your head up and then lower and lift your legs (but not too low because you need to keep your lower back pressing into the mat). Repeat 10-12 reps. If you’re not sure what reps and sets are you can read more here.

Single Leg Teaser Single Leg Teaser — Lying on your mat, bend your knees mid-way up and extend your right leg at the knee at a 45-degree angle. Inhale and slowly roll up to a sitting position, lengthening your lower back and trying to sit as tall as you can as you reach your arms out at a diagonal. Lower back down and repeat four times.

Single Leg Teaser with Twist Single Leg Teaser with Twist — Keeping the right leg extended, repeat the single leg teaser movement above, but this time, at the top of the sit up, twist your torso and arms to the right, then come back to center before lowering down.

Start the sequence over at the Double Leg Straight Leg Lift, then do the Single Leg Teaser series with the left leg. Repeat the entire sequence one or two more times.

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