Wanderlust Yoga In The City

Wanderlust Yoga In The City

Wanderlust, an outdoor yoga and music festival, first began in 2009 and was held in Lake Tahoe. A huge success from the beginning, Wanderlust continued to grow every year. The 4 day festivals were held this year in California, Colorado, Vermont and British Columbia. In addition, Wanderlust held 1 day Yoga in the City events in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Health Magazine is one of the major sponsors of this year’s Wanderlust in the City events. As a proud contributing yoga and fitness editor for Health magazine, I got to take part as master of ceremonies of the NY and SF event. I also held mini yoga classes in the Health Pavilion and gave away copies of my newest DVD, S3: Strong, Sexy & Svelte as well as demoed moves from the DVD.

Health is the perfect representation for all things positive, healthy, innovative, creative and fun. The Health Pavilion was a highlight at both events. In addition to trying some of my S3 moves, participants sampled Elizabeth Arden’s new Visible Difference skin care line; and got nutrition advice from my friend and colleague Cynthia Sass, a Registered Dietician and author of SASS Yourself Slim. My all time favorite  part of the Health pavilion was getting my picture taken on the cover of the Health Magazine mock up made specifically for the event. Maybe someday I will actually be on the cover of a published issue!

What better way to celebrate National Yoga Month? I loved seeing all the yogis gather together and celebrate music, movement, fun, health and wellness. In honor of National Yoga Month, I’d love to GIVE away a copy of my newest S3 DVD. Like and share this post and let me know how you stay Strong, Sexy and Svelte in the comments below, or my Twitter and FB  (or all of them) to sign up to win! Share, Tweet and Like this post as well to up your odds!!!

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11 thoughts on “Wanderlust Yoga In The City”

  • I actually follow Cynthia’s plan (been following it since it was originally Cinch!) and your DVD would be a fantastic exercise component to go with the program!

  • The new DVD sounds so good!
    I stay strong by doing meditation and focusing my mind,sexy by doing yoga and walking and svelte by making every bite count!

  • Your new DVD looks great! I stay strong, sexy and svelte through a combo of spin, hiking, pilates and yoga. Love mixing it up so I don’t get bored. Every little bit helps 🙂

  • Your fitness articles in HEALTH are my favorite part of the mag, Kristin! It’s always the first page I turn to. You should Absolutely be their cover girl! 😀
    ~I stay S3 by making sure to break a sweat every single day! {Even if it’s just for 10 mins.}

  • I have a 3 year old daughter who looks up to me. I want to be a good example for her as a smart, confident healthy woman. I’m also an RN and I know what health problems are in my future if I don’t lose the extra 80 ponds I’m carrying around. I just need that one boost of inspiration, which I know your DVD can do. I love your posts on Twitter, they’re so inspiring. Thank you.

  • I would love to have this DVD- I am just getting started in yoga and Pilates. I stay strong, sexy and svelte by working out by doing yoga and cardio. I also try to keep my life centered and focused on positivity, surrounding myself with positive people. Eating clean also helps me just start my day off right so everything falls into place! Thank you Kristin for helping us be able to be strong,sexy and svelte! 🙂

  • I would love to win a copy of your DVD! I do yoga or pilates at home 5 days a week. I have been a vegetarian for 20+ years. I try to remain positive and surround myself with positive people. I take time every day for myself and I also spend time with each of my four kids and my husband. My life is busy but keeping focused on what is important to me is what keeps me strong, sexy and svelte.

  • Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts on how you stay Strong, Sexy & Svelte. Congratulations to Donna Corder for winning my new DVD! Stay posted for more giveaways throughout the Fall.

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