Wanderlust 108 Fest with Swisse

Wanderlust festival combines live music with yoga, food, sustainable brands and farm to table food. The festivals run from one day events in certain cities, to three day long retreats in beautiful resort towns. Recently, I attended Wanderlust Brooklyn’s mindful marathon. I have always loved the concept of bringing like-minded yogis together to practice and promote mindfulness, ethical consumerism and fair-trade fashion. Wanderlust 108 is the world’s only mindful marathon combining running, yoga and meditation in a one day event at Prospect Park.

This is my second year attending the marathon; I have to say it is such an incredible experience. I love to see all of the yogis come together and move, breathe, stretch, run, explore new fun modalities (acro yoga etc) and discover new brands. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day; but it didn’t keep the crowds away. I passed on the run and took a yoga class and sat for meditation. Afterwards, I perused the booths.


My favorite area was Swisse’s Destination Happiness. Swisse is a global company dedicated to making people healthier and happier through natural health products and education. They create amazing vitamins and supplements that support every function in the body and help you live life to the fullest.

I chilled out in their meditation dream dome and learned more about their melatonin-free Sleep formula with natural herbs and vitamins which help lower cortisol levels. Having three kiddos I could definitely use this. Almost always one of them wakes up and it’s hard for me to restore my slumber.

I had my hair braided at their braid bar and checked out Swisse’s Hair, Skin and Nail Liquid that is made with blood orange extract from Sicily. It was really delicious and the Vitamin C helps the body naturally produce collagen, which we all know is a key building block for shiny hair, supple skin and strong nails. Complete beauty from within supplement!

The Liver

There is such a focus on gut health these days; and along with that,  I think it’s important to remember the importance of the liver. The liver eliminates all kinds of toxins from our bodies (not just alcohol). Whether that’s from our diet, pollution or even stress. At Swisse Destination Happiness, I had the chance to learn about Swisse’s Liver Detox. It contains turmeric, milk thistle and a concentration of Globe artichoke extract. All natural ingredients used for centuries to aid this organ in all of its important functions.

I perused the rest of the festival and checked out some aerial yoga before feeling a bit soggy and in need of a warm sivasana back at my home! I’d love to know if you’ve ever been to a Wanderlust Festival and if so, which ones. Also curious to hear if you’ve discovered Swisse. I am definitely hooked on the products after finding them at Wanderlust 108.



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