“Wake up. It’s later than you think.”

This is the Chinese Proverb that starts off Yeah Dave’s new “Beautiful, Funny, Delicious” blog. I first met Dave Romanelli in 2003 when I went out to Arizona to shoot my 2nd and 3rd MTV Power Yoga and MTV Pilates DVDs. We did our casting for my backround yogi’s at the yoga studio he owned at the time. Ever since then, Dave and I have managed to keep in touch with each other and follow each other’s career paths over the years.

In December 2009, 3 weeks before my Wedding, I went out to The Mii amo spa for Yeah Dave’s Yoga and Chocolate spa weekend. I met some amazing people, drank the best wine, ate Vosges chocolates after each yoga class and embraced every moment. It was impossible not to, with all of the inspiring classes that Dave taught, all the lessons he wove in to each class and his amazing music mixes. The food, the spa treatments, the little magical touches at Mii amo and the landscape in Sedona was just what I needed before my big day December 19th, 2009.

Anyways, I never have time to read through half of the things online that I want to; but every time I get the chance to read Yeah Dave’s blogs, I can’t help but laugh, smile or cry. He truly has a way with words and he’s such an awesome positive person. I can’t believe he’s in NYC now and he and his girlfriend and my husband and I have yet to all get together. For now, I’ll have to catch each Beautiful, Funny, Delicious moment he has in my Inbox each day.

No one ever asks me to mention them or pays me to talk about a product of theirs, I just like to share things that inspire me when I can. Yeah Dave is definitely an inspiration. In this first video of his when he mentions visiting Rhea the 108 year old woman a happy tear comes to my eye and I want to join that same organization and visit old folks too! When he shows the hilarious people he encounters on the streets of Manhattan, I think, “Hey why not, be whoever you want to be, only in NYC can you be so crazy!”. And, I’m sure I’ll be visiting the Big Gay Ice Cream store tonight!

Check it out for yourself. Dave has some pretty cool workshops, retreats, and a really great book as well, Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin the Moment.

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