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I have major baby brain these days! I left to walk Timothy to school this morning with umbrellas in tow and all of his gear, and completely forgot my purse and keys. If I can’t even remember my purse, how on earth could I stay on top of taking my vitamins? I think I get a pretty well rounded diet; but during this stage in my life, my doctor insists on taking all of the essentials to keep myself and my babies strong. I recently tried VitaFive Gummy Subscription service and it’s super cool.

how-it-works-image-1 You get to choose the vitamins you want or need and they package them up and ship them out every four weeks. The little packets are super convenient and easy to tote or store. I throw one in my purse (when I can remember my purse!), I have some in the pantry and some in the medicine cabinet. It’s hard to forget to take the gummy’s because they are so super tasty. I have a little beauty pack made up of vitamin C, biotin and omega-3 currently. I hope they make a prenatal option soon or add a folic acid gummy.

There is some sugar in the gummy’s but it’s not a huge amount and they actually quell my sweet tooth if I take them after dinner or lunch. The vitamins are vegetarian and vegan, even the omega-3, and the website offers advice as to when to take each specific vitamin and all of the ingredients in them. The gummy’s are naturally flavored and contain some coconut oil as well.

I was surprised at how much I like these little vitamins and it sounds silly, but I like having my name on the packet. “Kristin’s beauty pack” gives me an extra reminder I’m doing something good for myself. If you are curious or want to check them out too, you can use code mcgee30 for 30% off your first order I am curious to hear your thoughts and if you use something like this or have wanted to find an easy way to stay more consistent with taking your vitamins.



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