Violet Love Headbands

Kicking off my shoes My husband and I just recently went on an amazing baby moon to Jamaica. We stayed at an incredible resort called The Golden Eye in Ocho Rios, it was absolute paradise. I packed mostly swim suits, some yoga clothes, casual pants and tops and a few sundresses. I also brought a wide brimmed straw hat, my sunglasses and my new Violet Love Headbands.

Loving the beach I received the Violet Love headbands the week before I left on my vacation. I was super excited to have them as cute accessories to spice up my outfits, headbands to keep my hair in place while doing yoga, something to tie around my hair while sunbathing on the beach, and as the perfect hair band to use at night while washing my face.

Teaching Yoga in Jamaica I have two basic ones, one white and one black. I also have the Sapphire style headband, and it’s my favorite! I led a few yoga classes while on vacay (it’s hard for me to stop sharing what I love so much) and the Violet Love headband was perfect.

Violet Love Headbands Rebecca Michael’s designs are all so cute and they are comfy too! I love the material, it’s light weight, easy to wash and soft to touch, it never pulls my hair. I also like that I can keep the headband folded so it’s smaller in thickness, or spread it apart for a larger wider band. They’re even adorable as bracelets so they can be handy at all times.

Dancing Shiva I highly recommend these adorable headbands for yogis and all women!

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