Twist off the Turkey Flow

Twist off the Turkey Flow

Don’t fret if you overindulged a bit this past Thursday and over the weekend–extra serving of turkey on Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie leftovers for breakfast, etc., etc.! Yoga can help you get back on track.

Sun Salutations are the perfect way to get the blood flowing and burn off some calories. Yoga twists are great for stimulation and digestion. Deep ujayii yoga breathing is calming and helps reduce cortisol levels so you don’t stress over it all.

Remember, it’s never one day or a few days that make a difference in our weight, it’s a lifestyle and lifetime of healthy eating. If you eat well 80% of the time, it’s fine to splurge 20% of the time. Yoga reminds us to be consistent, calm and connected so we can enjoy these wonderful holidays, indulge a little, and then get back on our mats.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

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One thought on “Twist off the Turkey Flow”

  • Hi, Kirstin. I’ve been using one of your MTV Power Yoga DVD (one of your first, I believe) for more than a year. However, I still can’t do the bridge pose. It’s quite frustrating, because I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I hope you can post a more detailed step-by-step video of how it’s done. Thanks!! – Dedi

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