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As a new mom of twins, I am discovering what kind of necessary gear I need. I never imagined I would have two little miracles in my life. The entire experience has been completely different than my pregnancy and early years with Timothy. From the extreme nausea in my first trimester, to my enormous belly, to my necessary c-section delivery, having twins is just a wild ride! And now that the little boys are here, everything is definitely more challenging. I wish I had 4 arms and full time help. Since my parents live in Idaho and I only have a part time nanny, I am keen on finding products that make my life easier.

Here is a list of some of my must haves for new moms of multiples; and if you only have one,  you may find some of these very useful as well:

Table for Two–Ok this one is a serious game changer. Someone at my husband’s office has twins herself and she mentioned the Table for Two to Tim. I looked it up and immediately made sure to get one. The Table for Two is such a genius invention and makes it so much easier to sit both of the twins down and have them together. I can also feed them both at the same time and Timothy loves being able to help out when they are seated in this position to feed. I love the little bottle holders on the sides and the choice of fabrics and designs.

Joolz Double Stroller–I recently wrote about why I LOVE my Joolz so very much. I think it’s the perfect stroller for twins and also just an all around amazing stroller. It is also a great stroller for moms with one child or children of different ages, there are so many configurations.

My Breast Friend pillow–If you are planning to nurse your twins and at the same time, you must get a My Breast Friend. I love to tandem feed Robert and William and this pillow makes it super easy to do so. I lay each one down next to me on either side, attach the pillow, then bring them up on top football style. In the middle of the night when I need to feed them, this is so helpful. The only issue is, they often fall asleep on it!

SNOO Basinets–Developed by one of the leading pediatricians and child development experts and author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, Dr. Harvey Karp and his wife, created one of the most innovative bassinets on the market called the SNOO. The SNOO helps boost sleep with a soothing white noise machine and a gentle side to side rocking movement. It is one of the safest baby beds ever made and comes with swaddles that snap in to the mattress so your baby stays in place. The SNOO is super attractive and has a built in weaning feature to help your baby transition in to a crib. We have one for each twin and it’s like having a night nurse at home; but for a lot less! Sleep deprivation is one of the hardest things to manage as a new parent and something like the SNOO is worth it’s weight in gold.

Weego Twin Carrier–When your twins are wee, you can fit them both in this perfectly designed carrier for two. The weego is suitable for premies from 4lbs up. It has a unique double-pouch design so I can slip Robert and William in each side. It is really easy to use and hip healthy for the babies. I love the machine washable fabric and comfort of this carrier. As a new mom, it’s so great to have the babies close to you; but also have your hands free to do all of the million things required of you.

Twist Shake Bottles–TwistShake anti colic baby bottles are made in Sweden and come in all sorts of fun colors. I love them because I can designate a color for Robert and another one for William. The bottles are made to prevent clogging in baby formula, effectively handle servings of formula powder, and milk or formula, and are easy to clean. Inside each bottle is a little container you can use for formula powder or anything else you want to bring along with you when you’re on the go. I can see these coming in handy when we travel home to Idaho.

Peanut & Piglet Diaper Bag–Of course every mom, and especially a twin mom, needs a huge diaper bag to store all of the baby items in. Peanut & Piglet is made from high quality (wipe clean) cotton canvas, has multiple pockets, a changing mat, and can be worn three different ways to keep your hands free. I love the adorable pattern and could not live without this bag!

I would love to hear what is on your list if you’re a new mom, respond in the comments below.



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