Turkey Pose

I personally think Flying Crow looks like a Turkey! Flying Crow is one of the more advanced bird poses in the yoga practice and requires flexibility in the hips, strength in the arms and core, and a trust that you can take flight as you lift that back leg high in the air.

Start off with some sun salutations that incorporate Dog Splits and Warrior 2’s to open up your hips, psoas and external rotators. Hold extended side angle for a few breaths on both sides, then do a lizard, pigeon and ankle to knees pose with each leg. You may also want to perform a few locust poses to warm up the back and hamstrings, as well as some boat poses to tap in to your lower abdominals.

When you practice Flying Crow make sure to keep your chest open and engage your scapula and lat muscles–think chaturanga arms supporting a flying pigeon. If you’re trying this party trick for your friends and family, do it before too much turkey and wine! Have fun, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day celebration this Thursday.

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