Did you know only 8% of people keep their New Year’s Resolutions? I happen to believe it’s because a resolution is defined as “a firm decision to do something.” I think every time we have to make a firm decision, it gives us no wiggle room to grow. Once we’ve made up our mind, if we can’t stick with our decision, we get frustrated, angry and/or give up.

Why not instead of making a resolution, we think of making a transition? In yoga we talk about transitions being just as important as the poses themselves. During the transition is when we can be the most aware of what is happening in our bodies and how we can effectively shift in to a new position.

Timothy The New Year gives us an opportunity to transition in to a lifestyle we want to keep aiming towards. We can look at all we’ve done prior and bring what we want in to the next season and work on letting go of what isn’t serving us. I personally am trying to have more fun this New Year and cherish all of the little things in my life that bring me so much joy. I often get so caught up in what I need to be doing, that I miss out on what’s happening in the present. Timothy has brought me so much joy and continues to remind me to let go of plans and let life happen!

I still want to set goals and learn new skills (guitar is on the list) and continue to grow, as I scale back on all of the things that just keep me too busy. I may not be writing as many blogs or hanging out on social media as much. I may have to say no to every offer that comes my way. I may just have to teach a few less classes and privates. The upside is, I can spend more time with Timothy and my family; and choose quality over quantity.

If you can fill your days with healthy fun, and mindful, meaningful encounters at work, at home, and with your friends and family, you will notice yourself transitioning in to the person you want to continue to be. You won’t have to beat yourself up, or make any firm resolutions to change anything. You’re already perfect as you are, just give yourself a little more time to realize that every day!

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