Trampoline Yoga Explained – What You Need to Know

For those of you who are interested in Yoga, you may have considered looking into the possibility of trampoline yoga. Yoga is an activity that has been practiced all across the world, for centuries upon centuries. Of course, as time went by it was tweaked and adjusted somewhat, and there are now multiple different variants of yoga being performed. At its core however, Yoga has remained unchanged. If you’re a self-confessed yoga-lover but are looking to try something new, or perhaps simply look for a fresh new challenge, you may wish to consider looking into trampoline yoga.

The art of performing yoga on a trampoline is gaining popularity on a daily basis and is popular amongst yoga enthusiasts of all abilities. If you’re not familiar with trampoline yoga, then worry not, because below we’ll be taking a look at what it is, how it is performed, and why it is so beneficial.

What is Trampoline Yoga? – With trampoline yoga, as you may expect, you switch the yoga mat for a trampoline. Users will perform the usual yoga poses and movements, whilst incorporating various stretches, jumping sequences, poses, and breathing techniques, all being performed on a trampoline. The activity will help increase spiritual and body awareness, and it functions as a very effective method of low-impact cardiovascular exercise. Focusing on the meridians and body joints, along with navel and spinal activity, it is a pastime that is unique, physically testing, and spiritually rewarding.

One key reason why performing yoga on a trampoline is so popular and efficient, is that due to the bouncing motions of the trampoline, flexibility is greatly enhanced, and the exercises provide deeper squeezes and stretches. Trampoline yoga is not only very beneficial from a mental and physical health perspective, it is also a whole lot of fun in the process.

What are the primary health benefits of trampoline yoga? – There are numerous health advantages associated with performing yoga on a trampoline, with some of the main examples including the following:

Low-impact cardiovascular exercise – One of the main advantages of trampoline yoga is the fact that it functions as a great form of cardiovascular exercise which is low-impact. With each footfall, the soft and flexible surface of the trampoline will move and help to displace your weight, taking much of the impact out of your landing. This is very beneficial because it seriously reduces the risk of injury, plus it is far less painful. It is still a great form of cardio, with the added bonus of being far better for your joints.

Improved coordination and flexibility – Another great health benefit associated with performing trampoline yoga is that it helps to enhance balance, coordination, and flexibility. By performing the poses on the trampoline, as the surface is not flat, or even, your weight shifts and it is down to you to correct your posture to maintain your balance. Eventually your coordination, balance, and flexibility will all be improved. This not only helps you during your yoga sessions, it will also carry over into everyday life.

Fun – Trampoline yoga is also a whole lot of fun, which is pretty self-explanatory in terms of benefits. Jumping up and down on a trampoline, whilst trying to perform various stretches and poses, and to correct your balance in the process, is enjoyable. If you enjoy regular yoga, trampoline yoga takes things to a whole new level.

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