Toys To Keep Your Kids Entertained!

While we’re all a bit stir crazy; my boys have been as well during the quarantine and isolation! Today I wanted to share some awesome toys to help keep your boys and girls active and entertained during this pandemic.

Are you doing virtual learning and keeping your kids inside the house 99% of the time still? These toys are the perfect pick me up for any kid facing the ‘COVID’ isolation craziness.

iPlay iLearn, Hopping Shark

This fun toy is perfect for boys around the age of 3 and up. For $25 this plush inflatable ride will take your kids around the house in a fun, active way.

This is a great toy to help improve balance, fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills. Check it out on their website and grab one for your child today!

Power Your Fun, Robo Pet Robot Dog

This interactive robot dog is a great pet for young kids! It barks, walks, stands, and dances to the beat. It includes basic programming skills that your kids can learn through the robot puppy as well. You can feed different program treats to the robot dog to create a custom sequence of moves while its LED eyes light up. This interactive puppy is $39.99, check it out on Amazon to get your own!

Schleich, Veternarian Practice With Pets

If your kids have a love and passion for animals, this is the perfect indoor toy to keep them entertained! In the veterinary practice from the Schleich Farm World the vet treats every animal that comes to her. The professional equipment in her practice means that all her little patients recover quickly and can go back home to the farm.

My boys love this toy because of all the accessories that come with it for treating the animals and the figurines they can play with while making up fun scenarios for treating all of the patients. They use the rotating lamp and X-ray for examinations too! This is a toy is $59.99 and is perfect for any kids from ages 3 to 8! Check it out on the Schleich website and get one today.

KiddoLab, Mr. Blue My Dancing & Singing Bird

This adorable bird is a perfect toy for kids under the age of 3. The dancing bird will come to life in response to the noises your baby makes. It’s soft and plush which makes it perfect for cuddling too! Your infants and toddlers can keep this toy with them from morning to night. This furry, fluffy toy is $29.99 on Amazon. Check it out on their website to grab one for the toddlers in your life!

Drink in the Box, FunTops

This is a great toy that keeps kids hydrated all day long. This reusable drink box comes with. matching snack boxes. They are BPA free, reusable containers that make hydration a more fun activity for kids!

These boxes are also great for juice, smoothies, and anything else you can think of when sending the kids out to play, or for during virtual schooling hours. These fun drink boxes are available on Amazon and Check them out and grab one for your kids!

I hope these toys offered some fun solutions for keeping kids occupied and entertained during this crazy thing we’re calling life right now! Be sure to let me know your favorite boy’s toys too!

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