Top 6 Reasons Every Woman Should Work Out and Lift Weights


women-lifting-heavy-weights If there are people who are obsessed with their bodies, absolutely they are women! Women always love to see themselves in perfect figure and shape. They tend to become depressed once they are not able to achieve the body that they want.

Now, if yoga and running are the foundations of your fitness program and you are not seeing positive results, why not opt to do some resistance training exercises?

Perhaps you have thought about weight lifting. Perhaps you have even picked up barbells or have done dumbbell curls. Each time you hit the iron, you feel insecure, unsure, and fearful. Now is the time to put the uncertainty and fear aside and engage in lifting weights.

Here are top 6 reasons every woman should work out and lift weights

Helps you to blast more fat

If you think that lifting weight only benefits those who want to have ripped arms, definitely you are wrong! Although lots of people consider lifting weights only as a way to add size, when compared to cardiovascular exercises, resistance trainings yielded to be on top of the fight to burn calories. A big benefit to resistance training is the ability of your body to burn fats during exercise and afterwards.

After a heavy session of resistance training, you continue to consume added oxygen after several hours or even days. This is called EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. When your body utilizes more oxygen, it burns more calories and enhance metabolic rate.

 It charges your metabolism

Weight lifting can boost the rate at which calories are burnt for fuel. As a matter of fact, increasing the muscle mass of the body is the only real means to improve your metabolism, and burning more calories is the answer to maintaining an ideal and healthy weight.

You’ll be stronger mentally

Lifting weights can stimulate the mind, enhance alertness and boost energy throughout the day. Working out every morning is ideal if you want to have a great start to your day.

 To strengthen your bones

Though you may not be concerned about it yet, women are more prone to osteoporosis than men. This means that women have greater risks for breaking and fracturing bones. A perfect way to reduce that risk is by weight lifting with intensity.

When you go to a gym, you can use the dumbbells, you can use the cables, and you can get into the squat rack or use the machines. Simply lift weights, and whatever it is that you do, do it hard. You will increase the density of your bone, enhance your strength, and build muscle mass, you will be a great help to you later in your life.

It boosts brain power and it relieves stress

As your age adds weight lifting can maintain more muscle mass, which means, it will help your brain as well. A research found out that older women who do weight lifting at least two times a week for 6 months showed progress in their capacity to do memory tasks. Also, the research suggested that older women who do a combination of balance, aerobic and muscle strength exercises for one year are able to boost their brain power.

You’ll get stronger and feel awesome

Having a healthy body is something anyone can be satisfied of. Nothing enhance self-esteem like a body you are frightened to show off- the only effective means to do that include dieting, doing cardio and diligent weight lifting training.

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Cindy is blogger and writer and she has a passion for fitness that she wants to share with you, and anyone else who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

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