Top 5 things I’ve learned from Hurricane Sandy

1. Monday–Always be prepared. “Expect the best but prepare for the worst” is my new motto! My husband was super prepared and really making sure we had flashlights out, batteries, candles, food, extra water, refrigerator turned up and emergency back packs ready to go. I kept thinking it wouldn’t be so bad, maybe even a false alarm like Irene had been the year before. When our entire apartment went pitch black at 8pm on Monday evening Oct 29th, I realized “it’s bad”. I’m so thankful my husband is a true boy scout at heart and had us all set up. I wore his little headlight around the apartment and heated up soup on our gas stove!

2. Tuesday–Puzzles and books are a girls best friend. With no internet, no lights and nothing open in our area south of midtown, I found it super relaxing to light some candles, do some yoga, read and work on the gigantic puzzle Tim had given me for my Birthday. It was really quite meditative and peaceful. Tim and I went for walk to see the damage on the West side and lots of our neighbors were out and about mingling. Some little bodegas were still opened even without lights on, helping people stock up on necessary supplies. Everyone was on the hunt for a warm cup of coffee and a place to plug in their devices! Tim had to go in to work that afternoon and I cozied up at home not sure when things might get back to normal.

3. Wednesday–My friends mean the world to me. After making it uptown to a Starbucks to get a cup of coffee and plug in my cell phone and laptop, I discovered a ton of texts and email from family and friends making sure Tim and I were ok. My most generous friend, Heather, told me to meet her at her apartment at lunchtime so I could hang out there while she was at work. I finally had some warmth, internet and a desperately needed hot shower! Lisa, another incredible friend of mine, said Tim and I could stay in her apartment uptown for the rest of the duration until our power was restored. I just want to cry at how supportive and thoughtful my friends are and how immediately they offered their hearts and apartments–which is saying a lot especially with the size of most places in Manhattan.

4. Thursday–Public Transportation.One of the things I have always loved most about living in NYC is the awesome public transportation. I now fully realize just how much myself and millions of other’s rely on the subways and buses to get to work. I walk or ride the subway everywhere to see clients and teach classes all day long. After Sandy hit, I couldn’t make it anywhere without a 3 hour bus line, 20 minute walk to nearest subway, hour long waits in subway lines and bumper to bumper traffic in expensive cabs. My downtown clients were in the same boat as me with no electricity and my uptown clients and gyms that I teach at were almost near impossible to get to.

5. Friday–Always count my blessings I have a safe, warm place to stay, amazing friends and family and I was even able to work at Reebok on Friday morning since I was staying Upper West Side. I looked at all the yogis whom I love so much who take my class and felt so grateful and blessed. I could still teach, I still had a home to return to once the power came back on and my self and husband are alive. My heart is breaking for all the people who have lost their homes, who are stranded without electricity for much longer than I will be, who can’t get in to the city to work, and for the elderly and sick who have so much more to deal with during times like these.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 things I’ve learned from Hurricane Sandy”

  • Great post! I was wondering how you were doing since I know you live downtown. Glad to hear you and your husband were able to entertain yourselves without power. I was lucky, I only lost power (and water) for two nights and one day. But I am very trapped in Jersey right now with no real way to get into the city to take any classes and my gym is only open while I am at work because we have a curfew here right now. This morning I did the ‘Strong’ section of your DVD. it is TOUGH! Looking forward to trying the rest!

  • So great reading this Kristin- each day is a blessing and I’m so thankful to be here in our resilient city and to know you here! Many XOXO’s, God Bless, & Love ~ Nikki

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