My Appearance on THE TODAY SHOW!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on THE TODAY SHOW as Health Magazine’s contributing health editor dispelling fitness myths. I had my dear friend, Lisa, come over the day before to help style me for the segment. Early Tuesday morning, a car was sent to my apartment to take me to Rockefeller Center NBC studios. I was very pleased since I had on high heels, bare legs and the temperature was in the teens! 

today When I arrived I hung out in the green room until I was taken to hair and make up. It was pretty cool getting all done up as I sat next to Andy Garcia! I also bumped in to Zac Efron on my way in. The stylists were both so sweet and I was psyched with how they made me up. 

savannah I went on a search for Savannah once I was all ready so I could say hi. She has been doing yoga and Pilates with me and she is one of the sweetest, most down to earth people I’ve ever met. She is so welcoming and once I saw her, I felt much more comfortable and not as nervous. She took me on to the set so we could grab a photo together. We didn’t plan our outfits seriously!

today 1 Then, at 930ish I was escorted on to the area where we were filming and sat down with Marilu Henner and Willie Geist. They were both so cool and we had a little time to chat before the commercial break ended and I went on air. Once the camera’s started rolling, I just stayed focus on my topic and having a good time with Marilu and Willie. The time flew by, I didn’t even get to ask my last question, “Crunches are the key to flat abs, truth or myth”. What do you think is the answer? Check out my segment and find out what other fitness myths may or may not be true.

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