Tips for Staying Strong, Sexy & Healthy During Your Pregnancy!

Now that I’m on my second pregnancy and having twins, I have to stay positive and keep my body strong and healthy. My first trimester with the little guys was pretty intense! I felt nauseas often; but it helped to continue doing my yoga practice and my job. I liked the distractions; if I just sat at home, I think I would have been pretty miserable. I did eat a lot more carbs than I would have ever imagined and I threw up some; but I kept trying to take each day at a time and breathe as deeply as I could. I kept some aura cacia peppermint oil with me to sniff as well, which really did help quell some of the nausea.

JennyLosee(216of275) I’m right around 6 months now, and I feel pretty good most days! I get tired easier and can’t push myself as much as I would normally at the gym; but I do know if I keep moving, eat well (with occasional splurges) and pamper my body, I have energy, strength and confidence while my bump continues to grow.

Here are some tips to stay strong, sexy and healthy throughout your pregnancy. You’re glowing no matter what so go easy on yourself and acknowledge the fact you are growing something pretty incredible inside of you.

Keep moving! You may feel tired, nauseas, or have low energy throughout your pregnancy; but I promise moving even just in small amounts helps beat fatigue, combats nausea and boosts your energy. Try a few downward dogs, side stretches or planks (make sure you’re really engaging your abdominals), lift some light weights, take a dance class.

Get some fresh air and go for a walk….this always helps me. The second I am outside in nature for some reason my fatigue and sickness goes away. I’m currently at the beach as I write this in Nantucket and walking along the ocean feels incredible. Wherever you’re located, see if you can get a little VITAMIN N (nature) in your day.

Do some yoga! I’ve continued my practice and I swear it’s helped me not only feel better physically, but also mentally. It’s also helped me really bond with my body as it changes and my baby as he grows inside of me. If you can slow down and connect to your breath and then link your breath with your movement, it’s really a beautiful thing. It’s as if you and your baby or babies in my case are all moving to the same rhythm. Avoid deep twists and inversions (if they bother you) and listen to you body.

Drink lots and lots of water…this one is hard since the trips to the bathroom become more and more frequent; but it’s super important to stay hydrated. Make a big pitcher of water and add lemons, oranges, cucumbers, berries, etc. to it. I drink a lot of caffeine free teas that are safe during pregnancy and put them on ice as well. Also, coconut water can be hydrating and helpful. I also carry a bottle of Ubr water with me wherever I go, it has a high PH and is very thirst quenching.

Wear cute clothes–flaunt your bump and be proud. Get some pieces that hug your bump and show off your womanly curves. This is such a beautiful time in your life and you should be as confident as you can be. I love Borrow For Your Bump because you can get super cute outfits without breaking the bank. You can also get some cute maternity workout clothes and feel sexy when you exercise.

Put your feet up when you need to! Ask your sweetheart for a massage, get a pedicure or roll your feet with a golf ball or the MELT hand and foot kit is great for swollen hands and feet. If you have the extra $ invest in a few really good prenatal massages.

Pamper your skin–I’ve been using Indie Lee natural skin care oils on my face and my bump and my skin glows! I also love Anna Naturals for soaking in a tub or as light scrubs. I keep sunscreen on my face and neck every day and try and get a little sweat on as well since exercise is great for the skin. If you’re prone to stretch marks you can try boppy bloom stretch mark cream, it’s not that expensive.

Tone with therabands…Therabands are lightweight, yet add resistance. You can sit on the floor legs straight out in front of you and loop the band around your feet. Hold each end in your hands and do some low rows, high rows, bicep curls, etc. For a complete theraband workout you can visit here.

Breathe deeply–give yourself a few moments each day to connect with your breath and tune in to your body. I invested in Yeah Dave’s 21 day meditation course recently and it’s a great way to set aside 10-15 minutes for myself each day to just go inwards, listen to my breath and meditate on all the positive in my life.

Take lots of warm baths–it feels so nurturing to sit in the bath tub and chill out. Warm baths are also good for circulation and relaxation. I like to add some oil to the water to soak in to my skin while I lay there for 15 to 20 minutes. Just make sure the water isn’t too hot. I even jumped in the tub with Timothy recently, he wanted to play quite a bit so it wasn’t as relaxing as usual; but it still felt great for me and the babies.

Have sex–what more can I say? Really, though, sex can still be quite enjoyable during pregnancy and it keeps you connected to your mate. Most husbands think pregnancy is beautiful and will find you as sexy as ever. Second trimester hormones make for some great orgasms and it will help you feel more relaxed and womanly. We often only think about taking care of everyone else, let yourself  lie back and relax every now and then.

JennyLosee(134of275) Rub your Belly–the more the better, just keep reminding yourself you are growing an incredible little life inside of you. Honor your belly and your body and your baby daily.


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