Tips for Staying, Sexy, Healthy and In Shape During Your Pregnancy

*Keep moving! You may feel tired, nauseas, low energy throughout your pregnancy; but I promise moving even just in small amounts helps beat fatigue, combats nausea and boosts your energy.

*Get some fresh air and go for a walk….this always helps me.

Prenatal Full Pigeon *Do some yoga! I’ve continued my practice and I swear it’s helped me not only feel better physically, but also mentally. It’s also helped me really bond with my body as it changes and my baby as he grows inside of me.

*Drink lots and lots of water…this one is hard since the trips to the bathroom become more and more frequent, but it’s super important to stay hydrated. Get some naturally flavored waters like HINT or make a big pitcher and add lemons, oranges, cucumbers, berries, etc. to it. I drink a lot of caffeine free teas that are safe during pregnancy and put them on ice as well. Also, coconut water is very hydrating and helpful.

Bent on learning with baby bump *Wear cute clothes–flaunt your bump and be proud. I wore a curve hugging dress recently to a charity function and I felt great!

*Put your feet up when you need to, and ask your sweetheart for a massage. If you have the extra $ invest in a few really good prenatal massages.

*Pamper your skin–I’ve been using indie lee ( all natural skin care oils on my face and my bump and my skin glows! I also love Bethenny’s skinny mom conditioning belly butter and soothing body oil.

Prenatal High Row with Band *Tone with therabands…these are lightweight yet add resistance. You can sit on the floor legs straight out in front of you and loop the band around your feet. Hold each end in your hands and do some low rows, high rows, bicep curls, etc.

*Breathe deeply–give yourself a few moments each day to connect with your breath and tune in to your body.

*Take lots of warm baths–it feels so nurturing to sit in the bath tub and chill out. Warm baths are also good for circulation and relaxation. I like to add some oil to the water to soak in to my skin while I lay there for 15 to 20 minutes. Just make sure the water isn’t too hot!

*Have sex–what more can I say?

Baby & Me *Rub your Belly–the more the better, just keep reminding yourself you are growing an incredible little life inside of you. Honor your belly and your body and your baby daily. 



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7 thoughts on “Tips for Staying, Sexy, Healthy and In Shape During Your Pregnancy”

  • Love all the tips!! They are great things to incorporate regularly. You look great by the way! Hope you’re feeling just a wonderful! You’ve got to be getting close now . . .how much longer! What’s the latest word on your prenatal yoga DVD . . .will we see it soon?

  • Thank you Christina! I’m feeling good besides the heat here in NYC. I’m due in 2 weeks!!! Yes the prenatal DVD should be out around the same time as well. I will let you know.

  • Hi! I was just wondering when your prenatal workout DVD will be available. I LOVE you and your workout DVD’s! Your DVD’s are always my “go to” DVD’s in the mornings, and we are trying for our third baby and would love to add your prenatal workout to my collection! 🙂

    • Hopefully the Prenatal DVD will be ready by the end of this month, right when my little guy is due! Thank you SO much for saying that, I’m thrilled you love my DVDs!

  • Hi Kristin! I’ve got your DVD made in Arizona. I’m from Hungary and wanna follow your blog here. I wish you happiness with your cute baby. 🙂 You know, some years ago I bought your DVD and after my moving to other place I was becoming lazier. But today I decided: I’ll do your exercises again. Now, I feel the power and have drunk a glass of water with lemon 😀 Hopefully, I’ll be able to get to that level I can’t feel pain in my muscles. 🙂

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