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I admit I am not one to usually wear jewelry, I often find it gets in my way and it’s the last thing I think about putting on. But lately, I’ve started to think about jewelry in a whole new way. Rings (wedding, friendship) bracelets (charms, I.D.) necklaces (dog tags, lockets) earrings (first studs, first pair of diamonds from loved one) etc. are all very much symbols of our love and devotion to something or someone. Wearing something special every day, reminds me to honor myself and everyone around me.

When I was in Paris shooting 2 weeks of yoga/Pilates DVDs, I had to keep my wedding ring and band off. I felt very naked all of a sudden as if something was missing. At the end of the 2 weeks, when I put my rings back on, it felt so comforting; and it gave me a renewed appreciation for my incredible husband and the beautiful delicate bands that represents our unity.

The word yoga means to unite and when we unite our self with an object that holds significance, it can do wonders for our sense of well being and energy. Mala beads (also known as prayer beads, japa beads, or hindu beads), have been worn for thousands of years in traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism and Yoga. Mala beads have properties that promote spiritual and healing qualities as well as help us to stay present and cherish every moment.

Mala beads can be made from basil wood, sandal wood, crystals or rudraksha seeds and each type of material holds properties that can have an effect on the mind while meditating. The strands consist of 108 beads and when used during meditation, the practitioner rotates the mala one bead at a time while watching the breath.

Tiny Devotions makes the most beautiful mala beads I have ever seen. The hand made beads are a combination or rudraksha seeds, semi precious crystals and pearls and each one has their own specific intention.

Ever since I received my Prosperity Mala, I’ve been wearing it most days and I really feel such a difference in my well being. I am thriving and flourishing with positivity and appreciating my good fortune (health, husband, family, friends, practice, and work) every day. I feel more abundant with love and joy.

I place my Prosperity mala at the top of my mat when practicing and I place it in the studio where I am teaching on an altar of sorts so my students can benefit as well. They are a beautiful accessory for my yoga clothes and my dress up outfits! I love Tiny Devotions mission and what their mala beads represent, “the free spirited lifestyle of  living your dreams, following your passions, and looking good as you do it”.  Thank you Tiny Devotions for helping me continue to live my dreams and feel beautiful and feminine along the way; and for giving me a whole new appreciation of jewelry and adornment.

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