Timothy Grayson O’Shea — My most precious gift ever!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tuesday July 30th I woke up around 5am and went to teach a 630am yoga private. I taught again at 8am and 10am. That afternoon I went downtown to take a Pilates duet at my great friend Brooke Siler’s studio ReAb, we made sure to focus on a lot of squats. After Pilates I went to see the amazingly talented Jill Blakeway at YinOva for acupuncture that focused on inducing labor. I was prepared to go as long as needed past my due date; but I was also so excited to meet my little guy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Well, early Wednesday morning July 31st, I woke up around 2am. I told my husband I thought I was having gas pains. I felt uncomfortable and then all of a sudden, I really started having lower back aches and pretty intense pains throughout my abdomen. I felt nauseas even. I called my doctor and she said to get to NYU Medical right away. We called a car, I felt pretty bad for our poor driver who wanted to make sure I didn’t deliver in his back seat!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We arrived at the hospital around 4am. My contractions were coming on fast and furious, and I actually did throw up quite a few times. Tim would help brace one of my legs, or I would press against a chair in a squatting type position, or go on to all fours to help deal with each wave. I also tried my best to rely on my yoga breath instead of tense up too much. I had planned on going natural, then around 6am I wasn’t sure how much longer my contractions would last, I asked for an epidural. Ironically, I had waited a bit too long and it didn’t work. My dream of going all natural was coming true after all!

NYC baby At 8am I was already 9cm dilated and the doctor asked me if I wanted to have them try to reinsert the epidural or just go for it. I said let’s break my water and go for it. Sure enough after she broke my water, I went to 10cm and started pushing around 830am. At 852am, baby Timothy Grayson made his way in to the world. When I heard his screams, I started crying. The second they laid him on my chest, I wanted to burst. I’ve never felt so much love for anyone in my entire life. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We spent the next two days in the hospital. I found it very helpful to have the nurses show me things. Breastfeeding came pretty naturally for me so I was thrilled about that. We came home on Friday the 2nd and my mom came from Idaho to help out and it’s been amazing. I have very little soreness and I actually have been getting out and about. I even shot some fitness moves for a Physical Therapist’s injury prevention website this past Saturday. I still have a little tummy but I think doing yoga and Pilates and strength training throughout my pregnancy really helped my body just naturally come back, breast feeding really helps too!

Photo shoot 9 days post natal Last Wednesday Timothy turned 1 week and this Wednesday he will be 2 weeks old, I can’t believe it! I will keep you posted on all without going over board. I feel like I could put a picture up of him every single day! If you are a new mom, or expecting, please reach out and share your thoughts with me as well. It’s super helpful to have someone to talk to about the joys and growing pains of being pregnant and becoming a first time mommy. 


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10 thoughts on “Timothy Grayson O’Shea — My most precious gift ever!”

  • He is adorable!! A beautiful baby boy and you are just glowing as well. From your calm teaching demeanor and patience I know you will be the most amazing mother! Congratulations and enjoy every minute of him. All the best to you and your family at this amazing time in your life. Xo

  • I’m expecting my first, and also planning on going natural. I’ve been keeping up with running, walking and yoga throughout my pregnancy. Can’t wait for my little guy or girl to get here! Congratulations to you on your new bundle of joy!

  • He is adorable! My daughter, Chloe just turned 4 months on Sunday, the 11th 🙂 She was born in the middle of an ice storm in South Dakota… we also had a great delivery, even though I was induced. This is one of the best times of my life and I can tell it is for you too! Enjoy your time with your sweet baby boy, he is amazing 🙂 Also, thanks for being a health inspiration to me… I am hoping by the time we try for baby #2, I will be a super fit yoga mama!!

  • So beautiful… Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing your birth story! After becoming a new mom and the experience it was for me I get extremely excited for those experiencing it the first time as well! Do it – post a picture of him every day! Own it and tell everyone you’re going to do it because your heart is so full you feel like you are going to burst! 🙂 Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Much LOVE!

  • Kristin and Tim, he is gorgeous perfection! I am without words to express how happy I am for you. This profoundly beautiful, joyful blessing is the miracle, the love, the center, the purity, the goodness. May you enjoy each day together in happiness and health. All of my love.

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