This Yogi Loves YASSO!

Yasso I have always LOVED Frozen Yogurt; but many of the soft serve frozen yogurts tend to be high in sugar and void of any real nutrients. Pints of frozen yogurt at the store are often a bit better, nutritionally speaking; it’s just hard to portion out a pint of frozen yogurt and not eat the whole thing at once! Years ago I started freezing my own yogurts and having perfectly portioned sized desserts on hand always. It’s less expensive, I can vary the flavors from night to night, it’s much healthier and even more satisfying.

homemade frozen yogurt In the beginning it was a lot of Dannon Light and Fit’s–the lemon chiffon frozen is to die for. Then I discovered greek yogurt and started freezing those instead to get more protein and a creamier texture. I’d buy flavored ones or plain and add my own flavors–cocoa powder, cinnamon, stevia, lemon pulp, jams, berries, chocolate whey protein powder…you name it!  My only conundrum with making my own frozen yogurt, was sometimes I would leave one in the freezer too long and it would get rock solid. Other times, I wouldn’t be able to get one in the freezer until I was home from work, and then it was never just frozen enough by the time I was ready for dessert.

Yasso Original Flavors Well, let me introduce you to a genius new frozen yogurt bar called YASSO. Yasso is a frozen greek yogurt pop that comes in 6  incredible flavors, they are low in sugar (less than 12 grams in most bars), high in protein (6 to 7 grams each), low in calories (only 70 to 80 calories each!), made with hormone free milk and natural sweeteners. They are delicious! It’s heavenly to be able to slowly savor the yogurt pops creamy texture; and it brings me back to my childhood days of creamsicles and fudge pops. The first 3 flavors Yasso introduced were blueberry, strawberry and raspberry. Each one is super tasty; but right now I’m liking the strawberry the best.

Yasso New Flavors Just recently Yasso introduced 3 new flavors–coconut, mango and vanilla bean. I am dying over all of these! I have to admit the other night I had a coconut and a mango because the two seemed just perfectly complimentary. The vanilla bean is really awesome and I love having one with some fresh raspberries and blackberries as well. My request to Yasso is for them to make a fudge or chocolate flavor and an orange cream bar flavor in their next round!

Yasso Full Set If you’re looking for a great, sweet, healthy treat that won’t weigh you down and is perfect anytime of the day, Yasso is ideal. Hey, even one for breakfast with a piece of toast and nut butter, is better than starting your day out with nothing. I prefer to savor one at night and use it as a mini mediation. I really take my time, I enjoy the longer process of slowly slurping the bar, noticing the texture, flavor, and soothing quality of the coolness on my throat. A glass of milk before bed is often just what the doctor ordered, I like my milk on a stick flavored just perfectly. Thank you Yasso for such a wonderful creation.

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2 thoughts on “This Yogi Loves YASSO!”

  • Kristin, As a Chicago Real Estate Broker and Owner and CEO of my own firm, I have to keep in shape. The Yasso bars are magnificent. In fact I was even researching, as I love to do, to be sure they were as low calorie and healthy as they say. Yes they are. At the grocery stores, I clean out the shelves of my now favorite Coconut flavor. Happy and healthy. That’s me, also knows as the Chicago Real Estate Power Broker, and Yasso powers me up even more. Alexis

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