This little light of mine….

I reference one of my favorite teachers, Nevine Michaan, often because she has such beautiful images and analogies. When I go to her pranayama or asana classes, I am like a sponge trying to soak in everything she says. One thing she has been saying a lot lately is, “think of the earth as one giant socket and your sitz bones as one giant plug and plug in.” I really love to share this with my students or to think about this at the start of a seated mediation and/or beginning of a class.

Recently, I opened my class and started to use the analogy of plugging in and making contact; and it made me think even further about this concept. In order to get the electricity, we first have to make contact by plugging the plug in to the socket or rooting our sitz bones down in to the earth. Then, we can feel that energy rise up the spine, which is the cord extending from the plug. At the top of the cord is the light and when we lift that energy up we turn on our light and shine.

Whenever you are feeling down or just want to tap in to your inner light source and potential energy (which is sometimes hidden down in the dark), simply make contact. Plug in to the stability of the earth below you and your seat of potential and lift your inner radiance up. You will brighten your mood and share your light with others.

“This litte light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…..”

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