Thirdlove Bras & Panties

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get some sexy lingerie. I always love a nice feminine bra and panties; but I hate it when they are uncomfortable. I recently discovered Thirdlove bras, and they are awesome!

I ordered the feather light spacer bra and it is great under a tee shirt or anything I wear. The bra is supportive, comfortable, attractive and fits perfectly. I also got a microfiber thong to match it and it fits great as well. I need comfortable thongs to wear under yoga pants and Thirdlove is definitely a good one.

Thirdlove really knows what a woman needs in a bra and their fit technology is super cool. You can even download their app and find out your perfect size. The customer service is unbelievable, with free shipping and returns, and someone on hand to live chat with during the weekdays. The packaging is really pretty too, when you order your bras and undies they come in a nice silky bag to store them in.

In addition to bras and panties, Thirdlove also sells some pretty lace cami’s that looks like a great layering piece. I think that will be my next item to order soon. If you want to hint to your boyfriend or husband to order you some Thirdlove for V day you can send him this hint. You can also just order something special for yourself so you can look and feel good everyday. I definitely needed to invest in a new, great bra after months of nursing Timothy!

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