Think Outside the Heartshaped Box this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner! Here are some great VDAY holiday gift ideas that are a bit outside the traditional heart shaped box of candy. They may even give your love a big boost!

chameleon-coffees-1300 When most people think of getting sexy with their partner they reach for the bubbly; but did you know that coffee is a much better pre-lovemaking alternative? It gives you a boost of energy (whereas alcohol is a depressant) and increases your stamina. So turn on a brew for two and fluff those sheets to start your morning off with a bang!  My favorite is Community Coffee and my husband’s is Chameleon Cold Brew.

Instead of the usual box of chocolates, try one of the these sweet treats for their aphrodisiac effects. Instead of gulping down another cup of coffee (too much if it’s later in the day will keep you up all night) try Il Morso Bites for a little lift. Not only is chocolate an aphrodisiac; but it also boosts your serotonin (aka happiness hormone) and makes you feel like you are in love. I can’t think of a better way to feel on the holiday of hearts! I also love Go Raw’s super raw chocolate. Both Go Raw and Il Morso bites are low calorie treats that are good for the waistline.

0000493_sprouted-watermelon-seeds_250 Not a chocolate fan? Watermelon was found to have little-blue-pill-like effects on the body. Both of these foods made Cosmo’s “Top 11 foods that lead to better orgasms”.  I just discovered Go Raw’s watermelon seeds, and they are to die for. The seeds are so tasty and full of protein. You could add to a salad for your romantic dinner; or throw in with some popcorn while you’re watching a heartfelt movie.

If your sexual desire is just not quite what it used to be consider following Brad Davidson’s lifestyle plan in his new book The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset. Poor diet, lack of rest and too much stress are all triggers for a slump in the sack. He teaches you how to reinvigorate your sex life by adjusting your eating and exercising habits. stark naked diet eating for your sexy life.

image Speaking of exercise, there will be plenty of specialty classes the week surrounding this couples holiday. So grab your partner and give the gift of quality time together. Head to a partner yoga class or Thai yoga massage workshop. Exercise is known to increase arousal, enhance orgasm and elevate mood. Plus the intimacy of these partner classes will make you feel even more warm and fuzzy inside, all the better for post-workout cuddling. Here’s a great partner workout you can do with your Valentine (no matter who that is!) courtesy of The Brave Body Project.

A clean man is more fun to get dirty with! Chassis Man Care is a good solution to keep his undercarriage fresh during your workout. However, you may want to shower anyways when you get home… Hopefully you have a tub built for two 😉

Feeling sexy is sexy! I recommend dressing up, or down with one of these specialty boxes. Rocksbox and Adore me For glamour in and out of the bedroom.

So as you see, tradition isn’t always key when planning your Valentine escapades. I hope these ideas helped you turn up the heat with your loved one and get you in the “holiday” spirit.

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