The Skinny on Carbs

The Skinny on Carbs

Carbs Amidst all the rumors, gossip and confusion surrounding carbohydrates, nutritionists have revealed that there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what carbohydrates really offer, how they impact the body, and most importantly how these must be eaten. Here are some basic questions answered by leading health experts and nutritionists.

What exactly do carbohydrates do to the body?

As the main source of energy, carbohydrates are essential for the body, as in, they supply the much-needed energy for the central nervous system, including the spinal cord and brain. With regards to performance energy, carbohydrates are the very basis for which energy and fuel is required to boost the body during a workout.

Is it necessary to avoid consuming carbs during certain times or must it be completely avoided?

A carbohydrate rich diet is highly non-recommended, but in the same breath the important thing to remember is the kind and quality of carbohydrates chosen for consumption. It is important to have consistent amounts of carbohydrates throughout the day, for having a meal without any carbohydrates can actually cause liver damage. The liver stores blood sugar and if any individual goes for a long period of time without consuming any form of foods or without eating carbohydrates, the liver starts to release additional sugar into the bloodstream. Eating small amounts of carbohydrates throughout the day is far more beneficial than eating large amounts of carbohydrates at one meal or not eating carbohydrates at all.

What can happen in the body if the liver releases additional sugar?

Without the requisite amounts of carbohydrates consumed during the day, an individual stands the risk of developing diabetes. A low carb or a no carb diet can actually mess with the blood sugar in the body leading to type II diabetes.

How many different kinds of carbohydrates are there?

When you meet somebody who says, “I do not consume any carbohydrates,” what they actually say is that they do not consume rice, bread or pasta, but unwittingly might still be having carbs without realising it. In its natural state, a large number of foods contain carbohydrates such as vegetables, milk, fruit, and starches such as legumes.

What kinds of carbohydrates are ideal to be eaten during the day?

Importantly, carbohydrates that contain additional nutrients are the best form of carbs to eat.  Carbohydrate foods that contain fiber digest slowly. The benefit of eating a sweet potato over white rice is far more beneficial to the body as the sweet potato offers fiber and additional nutrients other than carbohydrates.

Should carbohydrates be consumed before getting into an exercise session?

Most definitely, a nutrient dense and a carbohydrate rich snack with protein must be had before any form of intense workout. Eating a carb rich snack 30 to 60 minutes before the workout can help in digesting the food prior to the exercise. Do not opt for a snack that contains fat, as fat-rich foods take a long time to digest. Go in for a banana, a handful of almonds or some oatmeal before stepping in to the gym.

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