The Pillowcase Project

Kari and I at Baby Shower My girlfriend, Kari, is embarking on an incredible project. She is travelling to Kenya next Fall to hand deliver dresses and supplies to the orphans there. Kari is going on behalf of The Pillowcase Project.

Michelle The Pillowcase Project was founded by an American Airlines flight attendant name Michelle Campbell (also a fellow yogini!). Michelle was an orphan herself until the age of 3. Michelle was so moved by the orphans in rural Western Kenya; and she wanted to change their lives for the better. The Pillowcase Project aims to use pillowcases (gently used of new) to make dresses for the orphans.

girls For every pillowcase donated, The Pillowcase Project turns it into a dress for a little girl in a small village in Western Kenya, where they personally hand deliver them. Additional pillowcases, along with other supplies will be made into kits for the women in the village. Once there, they will teach the women in the village how to hand sew the dresses and sell them. Thus, empowering a woman and helping her start her own business.

Kenya girl The Pillowcase Project is in the earliest stages of applying for nonprofit status, at this time, donations are not eligible for tax deductions. Everything is very reasonable on the Amazon Wish List. There are even items under $5! One click and it gets shipped directly to Michelle Campbell to take over there in September with Kari’s team. The items bought will be going directly over to Kenya. You can go there to order supplies if you want to support the project and you can also join their FB community page to get updates.

You can also mail new or slightly used pillowcase to:

The Pillowcase Project
c/o Michelle Campbell

2016 Curtis Ave, Suite A
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Any money raised for the project is going towards the building of a school; which will also serve as a community center, allowing the women in Kipingi Village a place to sew the pillowcase dresses.


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2 thoughts on “The Pillowcase Project”

    • I would love to start immediately collecting pillowcases for this cause. I love your slogan! I own a women’s boutique in a very small town in Tennessee. I have two daughters, 11 and 14, who would love to be apart of the drive. If it is not to late to start collecting, we will begin a campaign locally. Send me information. Thank you

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