The Nutritious Life Studio Program

Why I chose The Nutritious Life Studio Program

I’ve always been interested in fitness and nutrition. As a young girl, I naturally craved fruits and vegetables; and I’ve always tried to have a healthy point of view when it comes to food. I love being a trainer; and teaching yoga and Pilates. I have clients and students ask me all of the time for nutrition advice. I’ve honed my own plan over the years (21 DAY PLAN ): but a few years ago I decided I also wanted a bit more background and education. I didn’t have time as a mom of 3 to fully commit to going back to school. I found Keri Glassman’s online program and decided it was the perfect fit for me!

About The Nutritious Life Studio Program

The Nutrition School Program offers seven key things (all reasons I wanted to take it)! The NSP is an accredited program by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. That means that once I successfully completed The Nutritious Life Studio program and became Nutritious Life Certified, I can also become a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. The program is a very comprehensive thirteen part health and wellness program at a super affordable price. I love that the program is done all online. As a mama, I still have time to study whenever the kids are asleep or playing; or when I have an hour or two to spare on weekends! The program also offers assistance from all The Nutritional experts at The Nutritious Life Studio. Things to know:

  1. Accredited and Recognize

    Once ANYONE successfully completes The Nutritious Life Studio program and becomes Nutritious Life Certified, they’ll have the ability to become a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

  2. Go at Your Own Pace, Anytime, Anywhere

    TNS is a web-based program so you can access all your information, handouts and everything else online whenever or wherever you have an internet connection. If you ever need assistance you can also access online help from any of the TNS community members anytime to have questions or concerns answered!

  3. Affordable Tuition & Scholarship Opportunities 

    The Nutritious Life Studio’s 13-part online health and wellness certification is $1549. They also offer payment plans and tons of scholarships to encourage people to take the program and make their dreams a reality by minimizing financial barriers.

  4. For Startups & Growing Companies 

    It not only helps new health and wellness businesses but helps existing brands and businesses that have been in the health and wellness industry for years (like me!) improve their knowledge through expert advice and easy to follow steps.

  5. Join An Elite Community 

    TNS is made up of so many skilled, knowledgeable, inspiring team members of entrepreneurs, registered dieticians, fitness professionals, chefs, health coaches, editors, marketing executives, and so many more that allow you to get the most knowledge from different angles of perspective ever!

  6. Exclusive Access To Keri & Top Nutritionists

    You have forever access to Keri, the Nutritious Life team, and other experts ready to help, anytime, anywhere – during the program and after you graduate which is so helpful and reassuring!

  7.  Connections For Life 

    After you complete the course your relationship with the TNS community will continue to grow. As an alumnus of the certified program, you will have access to the materials, updates, the TNS community, exclusive discounts and perks, affiliate privileges, events, networking opportunities among other things

Final Thoughts & Opinions on The Nutrition School Program

The program has made me feel so much more knowledgeable and wise when speaking about and offering nutrition and diet advice. I feel so confident in telling people things I have learned straight from the experts. I really felt part of a community while learning, and I am eager to share all of my findings with everyone I can!

To learn more about the Nutritious Life Studio and the programs they offer click here; and if you want to take their next course, I highly recommend it!!!

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  • I am interested in your nutritional program and achieving a certificate’ would like more information on your program.

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