The Magic of Music

I come from an extremely musical family. My mom and dad met in a musical at Idaho State University, my older brother had a rock band by the time he was 13 and my younger brother’s son, Liam, can sing any song on the radio word for word at the age of 5! Music changes everything. I notice my mood instantly lifted when I come home and turn on Pandora and listen to my favorite “bendigirl” station on it.

IMG_3353 I have to admit, Timothy is just not the best eater. He would much rather be playing than eating. I will put him in his highchair at dinner and 5 to 10 minutes in to it, he will stand up and start reaching to me to get him out. I’ve tried many tricks to get him to sit and eat, from sitting next to him and eating my own dinner, mimicking eating his yummy food or even trying to distract him with toys at the table. Tonight I decided to turn on the tunes, and all of a sudden he started kicking his legs and bouncing up and down. Next thing I knew, he sat back down and reached out for another meatball. I couldn’t believe it!

Music really is magical. It has such an effect on us all and can change our outlooks in a heartbeat. Timothy and I sat and listened to James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel and Cat Stevens while he ate his meatballs and noodles. I relaxed more as well, sang to him, and felt more at ease waiting for him to patiently enjoy his meal. Once he was finished, I let him down and he ran around while I cleaned up. I was so happy and actually content scrubbing his highchair for the umptenth time while humming along to “Brown Eyed Girl”,  little did I know he had taken off his diaper and pooped all over his carpet.

I immediately put him in the tub scrubbed him off , and then distracted him with toys in the living room while I scrubbed his nursery room. He’s now resting peacefully in his crib (he’s not a great sleeper either so we will see how long it lasts!) and I’m typing up this blog listening to more music. Music is immediate and in the moment and much like yoga, it reminds us to enjoy every second we have. Shit happens, babies have their own agenda, and nothing is ever going to be “perfect”,  so we do our best to laugh off the silly things in life and love the process. Music can make everything that much better. Next time you’re feeling stressed or just need a little pick me up, turn on some tunes and get lost in the moment. Life is short and like the the REO lyrics go, “live every moment, love every day, ‘Cause before you know it your precious time slips away”.



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