The Machine You Should Be Using In Your Workouts This Summer

Staying fit can be a challenge throughout the year. If you are a seasoned fitness guru or a beginner, you are always looking for new ways to stay fit and healthy and make sure your body is lean. 

When looking for new methods of working out, there are tons of different machines to work out on which target different parts of the body with different levels of effectiveness. One machine incredible piece of equipment that hits the entire body, is a rowing machine.

Why use a rowing machine?

A rowing machine is a great tool to use for workouts for several reasons. 

  1. Aerobic 

The first perk of using a rowing machine for your workout routine is that it counts as an effective aerobic exercise. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in the gym, the rowing machine is an accessible machine as you can tailor the difficulty to whatever your fitness level is. 

  1. Weight Loss

The main reason a lot of us work out on a regular basis is to stay fit and lose weight. Everyone, now and again, wants to be able to lose weight and look great in a bikini, and you can use a rowing machine to get lean quickly. Rowing is an exercise which targets a lot of different muscle groups and as a result, it burns a lot of calories and helps you lose fat. Using the rower a couple of times a week can help when it comes to losing weight. 

  1. Upper-Body

When using a rowing machine you will see two distinct types of workout happening simultaneously. The first of these is an upper-body workout. As you use a rowing machine, you will work your chest, shoulders, arms and back effectively. You will be able to lose fat in these areas and build lean muscle very quickly. 

Rowing Machines

  1. Lower-Body 

The second part of your workout is the lower body. When rowing, you will be using your lower abdominal muscles, glutes, legs, and obliques. This means that you can tone and thin out your stomach, and make your legs lean and strong in a short amount of time. 

  1. Cardio 

One of the most effective types of workout to do when it comes to fitness is cardio. This involves anything where you raise your heart rate quickly and shred fat in a short span of time. Things such as cycling, swimming, and running are great forms of cardio, however, some of us struggle with the latter especially. If you want to get into cardio but also struggle with your breathing, the rowing machine in the gym can be a great introduction and can even help you get stronger for running and  cycling in the future. 

In conclusion, the rowing machine can be an effective workout. Don’t ignore this machine at your gym or health club next time you’re there!


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