The Importance Of Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Have you and your partner have been trying to have a child for months or even years now? Keeping your physical and mental well-being in a stable and good condition can definitely boost your fertility and chances of getting pregnant.

Expert Study Results

Following a thorough review of past studies, the experts from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School have found out that a healthy (or unhealthy) diet greatly influences fertility. This includes both men and women.

In the review, it was discovered that consuming certain supplements as well as eating particular vitamin-rich foods really does help in the conceiving process.

What Foods To Eat

The consumption of food rich in vitamins and nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids increases the chance of getting pregnant in women who are going about the natural method of trying to conceive children.

On the other hand, for women who are seeking the help of infertility experts and are trying to conceive through surrogacy or in-vitro fertilization, increasing the intake of food rich in folic acid are suggested to boost fertility.

For men, taking supplements and food rich in antioxidants can help in the production of healthy sperm. Meanwhile, a diet high in trans-fat has adverse effects on sperm.

Weight & Exercise

Aside from diet, weight also plays an important role in fertility. Women who are overweight and extremely underweight have difficulties in maintaining a regular ovulation cycle. To address this, women who are trying to conceive should find the time to exercise while maintaining a healthy diet.

Some really good exercises are cardio runs, jogging, and yoga. Moreover, yoga not only helps in regulating weight, it also helps maintain a healthy mental well-being. This is also very helpful in managing stress. This can all help increase fertility.

Workout DONT’s

However, over-exercising or overexertion can also be bad for women who are trying to conceive. This is because straining exercises can stop the natural process of ovulation in women.

 Partaking in intense workouts has also been linked to the decrease in the production of progesterone, which is an important hormone for women who are trying to get pregnant. Try limiting your exercise to a healthy amount and be careful not to overdo it.

Other Reasons For Infertility

Certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) also hamper fertility in women. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), syphilis, and Human papillomavirus (HPV) are just some of the leading causes of infertility in women.

Studies have also shown that certain drugs like marijuana and cocaine can cause a decrease in sperm production and quality. There have also been studies that have linked consumption of anabolic steroids to the shrinking of testicles.

Smoking, too, has been regarded as a red flag. Smoking has been said to hasten the aging of the ovaries in women. At the same time, decrease the production of healthy eggs. Smoking also has a negative effect on the major reproductive organs, like the cervix and fallopian tubes. The problems caused by smoking to these reproductive organs can increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy in women.


Overall there are things you can do to help fertility when you are trying to become pregnant! All of these do’s and dont’s of healthy fertility are sure to help pave the road during your pregnancy journey.


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