The Best Exercises You Can Do For Core Strength

For some of us core training simply is something we do in the pursuit of amazing looking abs. Strong well defined abdominal muscles look great; but more important is how a strong core can help you feel and perform better in everything you do. Here are some of the best forms of exercise you can do to build and maintain a strong core.

The benefits of a strong core

Your core helps to stabilize your entire body. Your core also helps to give you a strong center of gravity to maintain balance in your day to day life; as well as your fitness routine. Many of the movements that we do every day originate from our core. I certainly notice this now after having children. Even carrying your luggage or cleaning the house relies on your core muscles.  A strong core can help you in most aspects of your life and your fitness routine.

Type of Excercises For A Strong Core

Pole dancing

Thankfully, pole dancing has overcome its reputation, and become widely embraced by legions of women (and men) who want to build strength, coordination and balance while also learning to move with grace, fluidity, sex appeal and sheer, unabashed fierceness. As well as strengthening your core, pole dancing will give you superior upper body strength.  


Calisthenics have been used by gymnasts, athletes and soldiers for centuries. In fact they derive their name from the ancient Greek historian Calisthenes who was a huge proponent. Elements of calisthenics have been staples of gym classes and army workout drills for generation. They concentrate on the use of one’s own bodyweight for resistance training. Core strength is at the center of most calisthenic exercises from crunches to calf raises. A rigorous calisthenics regimen can demonstrate just how vital a role the core plays in overall body strength. Click here to see a comprehensive calisthenics guide from AthleticMuscle


Pilates is a more modern descendant of calisthenics that places greater emphasis on core strength, and in most styles uses machines to aid muscle exertion without putting undue stress on joints. It is a wonderful halfway point between calisthenics and yoga as it seeks to unify the body and mind through physical exercise.


Everyone knows the therapeutic benefits of yoga and how it can not only facilitate a peaceful mind; but also a limber and healthy body. Few, however (other than those who practice it) are aware at just how beneficial yoga can be for core strength. Lots of yoga poses engage the abdominal muscles, allowing you to build a strong and stable center. Some personal favorites include the boat pose, the cat pose and downward facing dog pose.

Having a strong core before and after child birth is very important. It can help you during labor and delivery as well as you recover after having a baby. Many movements stem from your core so make sure to find some form of exercise that can help you strengthen yours so you can look and feel great!


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