The Benefits of Doing Yoga While Pregnant

The benefits of yoga while pregnant:
*Pelvic floor strength
*Overall body strength
*Mindfulness (Moms can listen to their bodies to know what feels right better)
*Breath work
Yoga postures open up the hips and pelvis and help prepare the body for labor. They also help with pain relief and swelling, sleep and relaxation; as well as energy, stamina and strength.
Prenatal Cow Pose Prenatal Cat Pose Cat/Cow Pose–opens the back, relieves tension in hips, shoulders, and lower  back.
Helps build core strength and pelvic floor stability.
Prenatal Tree Pose Tree pose–helps with balance especially as our center of gravity shifts, it also helps with concentration and core control.Think of hugging your baby to your spine.
Prenatal Sumo Squat Sumo Yogi Squat–opens up the hips and inner thighs; and strengthens the pelvic floor, buttocks, thighs and lower back.
Prenatal Straddle with Twist Straddle with twist–safe way to twist and open up the back, shoulders, hips and waist.
Prenatal Double Pigeon Double Pigeon–feels amazing for the body, and is a restorative pose that opens up the low back, outer hips and waist. This pose also helps deal with labor pains, if you can breath through the discomfort in this posture, you can definitely breath through the contractions when the time comes!

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